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This store was unlike any other Nabi had seen in America. So many things here were fresh instead of the heavily processed foods. Jess was actually a really amazing neighbor who had everything together. She had been in Korea for almost five years now. Nabi should probably pay attention to what they were getting. Andrea could cook but she did not always know how to put meals together in the store.
“We need rice.” Nabi blurted. The two girls stopped and looked at her.
“Uh Nabi that was the first thing we got. They had a good deal on it by the front door so I put a 12kilogram bag in the buggy. You know the one you’re pushing. Man you really get into your own head sometimes.” Nabi looked down into the basket to see the rice along with some vegetables already in the buggy.
“You know I’m like a puppy. I get excited easily and forget what I was doing.”
“As long as you don’t start peeing yourself when you get happy then I’ll keep you.” Andrea went from giggling to a full blow laughing fit when Nabi made a face at her. Jess was leaning over the buggy trying to contain her laughter.
“It’s not that funny guys.” She puffed her cheeks pouting at them.
“Well the way they are laughing it clearly is very funny.” She recognized that voice; whirling around she came face to face with Hoseok and his group of friends.
“I’m a little hurt though. I thought I was supposed to be showing you around.”
“I’m sorry. We really needed to get food for the house. You can show us everything else okay?”
“Okay! Oh I didn’t get to properly introduce everyone last time. The one who comes over just to eat me out of house and home is Jin. The shorty is Jimin. The one that looks in his own world all the time is Taehyung. The one I was on the phone with last time who I had to drag away from his work is Yoongi. The one waaaaay over their next to the cookies is Jungkook. Boy genius who is beside him is Namjoon. And of course I’m your local sunshine Hoseok.” They all greeted the girls who greeted them in return. Jess seemed a bit antsy while the boys were talking to them. Once they walked away Jess got really close to them whispering.
“Damn Jimin is fine.”
“Why don’t you talk to him.”
“Way to be captain obvious Nabi.” Andrea had given her a look to go along with her words.
“I would but he’s always with the other guys. Its few and far between when I see him without them.”
“Don’t worry Jess. Favors beget favors. You showed us the source of life I’ll talk to Hobi about Jimin.”
“What really?”
“You’ve been here five years and you have been eyeballing him for who knows how long of that time. It’s time for you to swoop in and get your man. I’m surprised you haven’t just asked him to coffee just because.”
“It’s usually because I’m always at the boutique.”
“Andrea can help with that right?”
“I can?”
“She can?”
“I kinda brought her here last minute. Right now I’m the only one with a job of the two of us. She could really use a place to work. Her Korean is okay and she is good with money.”
“Come by the shop tomorrow and we can talk more about it. Is that okay?”
“Yea that is actually a load off of me now. I was panicking inside trying to figure out what I would do for money.”
“Great! This will make it easier on me. You guys are turning out to be amazing neighbors.”
Lol Yass hook me up with Jimin
I am so excited with you!!!