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the sexy guy's/cuties have came back With an intresting story line...
i picked up the feeling from there scenes that Hyungwon and minhyuk are either a gay couple or brothers. I'm more on the side there gay because Hyungwon got hit a couple of times and Why the fuck does he get slapped For giving the guy a flower ,so I think there a gay couple and Hyungwon couldn't handle it so he drowned himself but minhyuk revised him because he can't live without him. That's what i picked up from the video, and then shownu is a theif and jeoohan secretly helps him but then i guess shownu feels guilty and decides to burn the money, but yet he still ends up in jail and then the rest I'm clue less. like i have no clue with Wonho and then wtf happened to Kihyun's leg, and then i think that was I. M that the two big guys we're taking away... what are your thoughts on it? • Tagging Beautiful People • @Destiny98 @isolate @jaiipanda @EliseB @jessicosta90 @mingyukpopfangirl @Elleholley @ashleyemmert @helixx @tayunnie @twistedpuppy @khrystinalee @DianaBell @michellebarra @Jinsprincess86 @CreeTheOtaku @pretteeEmm @VIPFreak2NE1 @VeronicaArtino @RihannaTiaMay @KeziahWright @NaughTae @heidichiesa @woahdersierra @Emelia @Sarahdarwish @SarahVanDorn @CallMeMrsDragon @TaehyungKey @JennieThor @KpopGaby @ChelseaGarcia @castielaf @christianlu @Koala521 @SofiaFifi @DestinaByrd @narutobandcheek sorry if i missed you in the tagg list also sorry i haven't been on.
Shownus father died is why he burned the money the guy you saw getting dragged was Hyungwons father who abused him being saved bc Minhyuk set the church (Hyungwons father is a pastor) on fire. seems like the church is running that town using soldiers and abusing their power.
@NasiaWright ohhhhh trueeee but I can't with the minwon moments like Omg I'm fangirling
@sarangseoltang tbh 😂 i don't think it's poison because minhyuk poured that blue liquid on the water that Hyungwon drowned himself in and that brought him back to life because when it shows them holding hands in the water Hyungwon's hand moves. for bts i just wait for them to tell us
@NasiaWright Thats the only part I understood and something about them making this sort of liquid/poison then drinking it. I really don't know, it BTS I Need U confusion all over again
what I understood from Shownu's part was that his father was sick and he stole and traded to get money for his father. However, his father was taken by the large men and his work was for nothing and then ended up burning the money
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