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this video has been playing for intermission in the Fly concert, and I really could not record but finally a fan in China was able to record! must watch! it's hilarious ( fan video)
A little background- this is the video they play at the concert while they get ready to perform the girl part. I'm sure you guys will see a more clear video once in corcert.
^^^ my face exactly!!! lol I love how Got7 all were so surprised at our maknae... we all know he loves being bad... Jackson was so protective too !!!

Then comes bambam!!!

this is so hilarious!!!

@Ticasensei No, I didn't get to watch it yet, because I saw the card, before I went to school... Ugh..School..
@TaehyungV it was mostly the reaction to them when yugy whent to the floor!! did you see it? lol.
@Ticasensei It's fine...Sad, but fine.. 馃槕
@TaehyungV uhhg! sorry I don't know why that keeps happening
Most of these photos don't work for me! 馃槄馃槄