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So this MV has left me MYSTIFIED.

1. That sound in the it a fog horn? One of those ancient conch horns used to call tribes (clans???) together?

2. Do they need that plant to survive?

3. Who is the man that hit Hyungwon? His father? A gang leader?

4. What's with these masks?

5. Are they...witches?

6. Who was the man Shownu was with? Was he trying to save his life using the blue flower?

7. Did Minhyuk and Hyungwon DIE?!

8. What is that weird heart/muscle thing in the sky!?

Guys, I need theories and answers STAT.

I'm confused too. About the police or military or whatever when the man is given a flower would that mean like I want this to stop, I want peace sort of message. I think their clan is a resistance from the government or who ever is controlling them, like they're rebels, who want peace instead of suffering kind of message.. idk if I'm pointing out the obvious. So they try to like resist the people in control by trying to get rid of them sort of situation... Idk what I'm saying this video is making me crazy but it's well done 👌🏼👌🏼 The flower is a symbol of peace though I know that. The witch craft or whatever would be them plotting a plan to gain peace by getting rid of the bad?? Oh another thing is the horn I think it could mean the beginning of the rebellion against the gov or something. Usually it's blown at the beginning of a battle to symbolizes war is starting or the rebellion has started. Seriously need to watch it a billion times to find the symbols there's so much and I keep wanting to add symbols lol
Still kind of confused but still one of my most favorite mvs
They're part of the rebellion.. Leaded by Jooheon.. Hyungwon dad is the one who beats him because he rebels.. Shownu dad is dying\dies.. The flower brings them back from giving up.. Its why Hyungwon squeezes Minhyuks hand when he tries drowns.. Also the purple heart at the end represents the purple heart they give soldiers when they survive.. but that's just me..
So much crazy but yes rebels possibly against the old ways of the world. They were tripping balls when they drank the liquid from the boiled down plant. One thing I do know for certain is that the ship HMS has now sailed. It is a large and beautiful ship solely for the feels I now have about Hyungwon and Minhyunk.
@AlittleJoy And here I though bighit was confusing 😐
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