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Hello everyone! We have reached the end of Seventeen! XD

So therefore, enjoy the last member card of Seventeen, Jeonghan! :3
Missed the other members? I gotchu~
Missed the other bands? (BTS, EXO, Monsta X, Apink, GOT7, and IKON)
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Now before we begin...let's see who won the vote for the next band...


Wow they look so suprised!

And now they are partying for their win! :3

So, don't forget to leave a comment below on which member of Winner you would like to see first!

Now...back to Jeonghan! XD

OMO! Jeonghan truly is the the king of long hair!

Thanks guys and don't forget to vote for which member of Winner you would like to see first and if you would like to be added to this taglist! Love you fam and see you soon~
Thunder Buddies!:
Tagging the member lovers~:
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Love Jeonghan's hair and cute cute face! Since we will get to all of them eventually, I will go along with Seunghoon from Winner (although Minho is the one I am most interested in (^-^)
Yes! Let's go with my KPOP Star goofball Seunghoon! (Even though I too thought of Minho first.)
I love his hair
Slide 7 and 9 were the best and Jeonghan is best bae