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What's the easiest homemade pasta sauce ever? Bet you wouldn't think of Greek yogurt. Mix it with some pasta cooking water (or don't, half the time I don't), toss it with pasta, top it with whatever you want (fried/poached/scrambled eggs, caramelized onions, any veggies, meat, grated cheese, herbs, toasted nuts, etc), and done!
It adds a nice light creaminess to it! It's like a lighter sour cream.
@danidee that sounds so good; and it makes sense. my mom stirs it into random things (chili, buckwheat, etc), which i still don't get lol
Whenever I make Mediterranean-style rice pilaf, I always put a spoon of greek yogurt on top and eat it all together. I also use it on certain tomato-based meat stews and stuff. That's how my mom used to serve it when we were little kids, so I just sort of got used to pairing things with a big spoon of greek yogurt lol.
@danidee ooh, what do you use it as a condiment for? i've only used it to make raita (condiment-wise).
THIS IS GENIUS. I always have greek yogurt on me because I sort of use it as a condiment, but I've never thought to use it as a sauce before.
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