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I always thought that the "puppy dog eye" look was only for people with down-turned eyes, those who love the cute style, or those with monolids. It's really popular in Korea & Japan, but I never thought to try it myself, until someone told me they though I'd look good with puppy eyes, so I thought I'd give it a try!

Here's the result!

I definitely have a different look than the makeup artist teaching the look, but I do have to say I like the result. When my coworker came in this morning, she told me I looked happier than usual (lol) and my boss told me I look "more beautiful every day," so maybe I'm doing something right?
Though my eyes are big, they are are naturally turned down a bit (which I learned when starting to wear winged eyeliner), so I think this style does compliment my eyes! I was a bit hesitant to add the tiny bit of eye bag contouring as I usually hide my eye bags, but I think this look actually works well with eye bags after all.
One thing I did do differently than the tutorial was to add a tiny bit of darker brown in my crease. I did this because I do have double eyelids that are quite big, so I thought my eyes would pop more if I deepened the crease a bit more than just using a bright shadow on the lid.

Here's the tutorial I followed:

It's short, simple, and easy to follow! I got ready so fast today, actually :D
I think the tiny bit of dark brown really defined your eyes. I really love the gold shimmer because it compliments your green eyes a lot!
my puppy dog eyes still need work haha
@cindystran Thanks :)