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This man has just told the rest of my bias list that they aren't going to measure up. He's sitting proudly at the top and just laughing when any of them even try to pop their heads up and be recognized. Bad Xiah, Bad Xiah... yep that's the problem...damn yummy bad Xiah. I'm done, someone stick a fork in me.
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That smug bastard 馃槀馃槀
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Bad sexy boy! You know you're her number one, but you gotta let Gris have her fun too! I know NichKhun fights my other guys too, except for T.O.P, I think he's a little scared of him.
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What is the singers name called?
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@SuperJuniorelf Xiah Junsu ... he's originally from DBSK, then TVXQ, currently JYJ. He does solo albums, solo tours, and musicals. Sigh... and he kills me.
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Ok. Thank you
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