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This Taiwanese Couple Parodied A Famous Travel Meme.

Do you remember that photo trend #followmeto - where traveling couples would take pictures of the girl 'pulling' her boyfriend's hand through a number of beautiful locations?

And while, yes, this photo series is absolutely stunning, it doesn't seem to capture the REALITY of traveling with a loved one.

However, this parody series made by Taiwanese couple Forrest Lu and Agnes Chien on their trip to Hawaii totally does.

Their photos - with Agnes pulling Forrest along by hair, ears, and even nostrils - has already been shared on social media thousands of times!

So to all the Travelers of Vingle, which one can you relate YOUR travel experiences to? The original or the parody?

Let me know in the comments below!
lmao hilarious!! 😂
hey, @danidee all is well in the cave of mary, learned a lot lately, self publishes two anthologies and doing what i can with my stories to prepare the characters for their first calamity. How have you been?
@MarySEW HEY YOU!! Long time, no see! How's everything?!
this is too good xD
@cees I THINK SO TOO. This couple is definitely relationship goals to me.
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