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@cindystran knows how much I love TWICE, but she found a video that puts my fangirl-ing to shame.

TWICE had a fan sign recently where they performed their new dance (without microphones) and the mostly-male crowd was so insane.


Imagine having a giant crowd of men screaming along to your cute song like that LOL!

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Their cracking voices always gets me and I also just noticed someone screaming like a cat during 1:30! Super intense!
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Me at a BTS concert (I went to red in Chicago) the difference is I am a girl though lol. Also I was a little embarrassed one of the fanchants I knew well, no one else was screaming it and it was a older song too XD
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the video made me laugh a lot I couldn't even hear the song because of those guys 馃榿
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damn!!!!!! ok i need to be like this when i see BTS i mean dang the chant to this song with the strong voices of the guys damn i cant even hear twice sing at all
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That's gotta put a smile on your face!
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