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Sooooo.... I only have 37 episodes to go. The past like 10 episodes have been this arc: The scientist, Kageroza that worked under Captain Kurotsuchi who apparently created the mod soul. All the captains are fighting themselves in Soul Society and then the "first" mod soul created by Kageroza, Kujo is found by Kon in the World of the Living.. Ichigo is battling with losing his Spiritual Pressure and the whole thing seems intense but it doesn't quite feel like canon.... I could easily look this up right now but just don't feel like it because I'm afraid of seeing and stumbling across spoilers. Ha... 😅 Plus, Ichigo's dad is acting like he always does and after the Arrancar arc.... I just don't know if that should be normal.. With their relationship though, it probably is... I'm just ready to hear Mr Kurosaki's story to be told to his son, Ichigo. ❤️
It seems so intense though!! Lol. @OtakuDemon10
I think you're hunch is right; pretty sure this arc is filler
So I'm further in this arc and Urahara is helping Ichigo get his spiritual pressure back... Can this really be filler? @OtakuDemon10