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Challenge created by @danidee
#1: Did you have any weird childhood nicknames? The only thing I remember is when my family would say a name that rhymed with my name. Ex: my name is Haley so they always called me Haley Bailey (which I hated ugh) Also, according to this, mine is Moist Womb
#2: If you were a Star Wars/Star Trek character, who would you be? IDK bith of these so neither (but I would love to be able to make the noise Chewbacca makes)
#3: Would you consider living in a nudist colony? Nope. I'm fat and no one wants to see that bye.
#4: What color did you think "The Dress" was at first? Black and Blue. And I still believe it is
#5: If you could dye your hair, what color would you dye it? My hair is auburn (reddish-brown) so I would dye it a darker brown or maybe marronish-red? But if I had a nicer...face? I would get at least some part of my hair green or teal!!
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don't we all @kawaiiporpoise
@HandsomeBacon oh that's tru
Pheobe-da-feeb was my childhood nickname. tho m name is not Pheobe.... Lol. Depressed Condom Thief seems kinda harsh tho for me Lol. no nudist colony. no thanks.
oh and that stupid dress thing? who cares what freaking color is or was!! that was so stupid!!! just get rid of the damn thing
@LadyLuna lmao PREACH