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Challenge created by @danidee
#1: Did you have any weird childhood nicknames? The only thing I remember is when my family would say a name that rhymed with my name. Ex: my name is Haley so they always called me Haley Bailey (which I hated ugh) Also, according to this, mine is Moist Womb
#2: If you were a Star Wars/Star Trek character, who would you be? IDK bith of these so neither (but I would love to be able to make the noise Chewbacca makes)
#3: Would you consider living in a nudist colony? Nope. I'm fat and no one wants to see that bye.
#4: What color did you think "The Dress" was at first? Black and Blue. And I still believe it is
#5: If you could dye your hair, what color would you dye it? My hair is auburn (reddish-brown) so I would dye it a darker brown or maybe marronish-red? But if I had a nicer...face? I would get at least some part of my hair green or teal!!
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don't we all @kawaiiporpoise
2 years ago·Reply
@HandsomeBacon oh that's tru
2 years ago·Reply
Pheobe-da-feeb was my childhood nickname. tho m name is not Pheobe.... Lol. Depressed Condom Thief seems kinda harsh tho for me Lol. no nudist colony. no thanks.
a year ago·Reply
oh and that stupid dress thing? who cares what freaking color is or was!! that was so stupid!!! just get rid of the damn thing
a year ago·Reply
@LadyLuna lmao PREACH
a year ago·Reply