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To all the Vingle Readers. Does anyone know of a Jimin angst where you break up and he still has feelings for you...its a oneshot?

I decided this was pretty nice and since I couldn't find the specific one I decided to share this angst.
I am keeping track of Renegade so when it updates it will be on here... :)
"Okay, that was the last one.“ You muttered as you packed the bag into the trunk of your car. You were in the process of moving out of town. You let out a deep breath as you slammed the door of the trunk shut. You opened the door on the driver’s side and got in the car. You turned the key and the engine started running. You darted one last glance at your apartment and drove out of the driveway.
The reason you were moving was that you transferred to another university in a city five hours away from Seoul. The thought of moving somewhere, where you knew absolutely no one scared you a little, but there was no backing out. And it would surely be better than staying in Seoul, where everything reminded you of him – Park Jimin. He was your boyfriend.
No, he had been your boyfriend until a few weeks ago. Until you’d found out a secret he’d managed to keep from you for two months straight. He had been cheating on you. You’d thought you were the perfect couple. You’d thought you would stay together forever. You’d thought he loved you. Until you walked in on him and one of the backup dancers doing it in his dressing room after a concert. You had an appointment that day and couldn’t be there. But it had been canceled last minute and you decided to surprise him. Well, apparently he had a surprise for you too – intended or not - and you actually couldn’t say who of you had been more surprised. As soon as you realized what was going on, you turned around and left again, not saying one single word to him.
You didn’t talk since then, except for one time where he told you the whole truth. After that you broke off all contact with him, which wasn’t that easy, because you were good friends with the rest of the group. He called you and texted you, trying to apologize and to get you back, but you ignored it and at one point even changed your number. But he was persistent. He showed up at your apartment, calling you through the door, urging you to let him in and talk to you.
The worst thing about everything was that almost everyone you knew started to treat you differently after they found out. From that day on, you were the girl that got cheated on and people handled you with kid gloves.
Then you got the idea of transferring to a different university in a city far away. There, you wouldn’t be the girl everyone pitied. You could be whoever you wanted to be and you were only a few hours away from your new start.
But there was one last thing you needed to do. You were on your way to the dorm, because you wanted to say goodbye to the boys – at least six of them.
You knocked on the door, praying that Jimin wouldn’t be home. You took a deep breath as someone opened the door. It was Hoseok. “Hey, Y/N.” He was a little surprised to see you. You hadn’t visited them at the dorm since the day you and Jimin broke up. They had always come to your apartment or you met somewhere else. “Hi.” You greeted him, flashing him a smile. He gave you a slightly confused look, before he widened his eyes all of a sudden. “Today is the day, isn’t it?” He blurted out “Ahh, how could I forget? Come in.”
You hesitantly stepped into the dorm, scanning the room to see if your ex-boyfriend was anywhere in sight. Apparently, he wasn’t and you started to relax. The boys were spread across the living room, watching a movie. “Guys, Y/N is here!” Hoseok announced your arrival. Everyone jumped up, immediately remembering that you were moving today. “Came to say goodbye.” You told them. They looked at you a little sorrowful. “Do you really have to leave?” Jungkook asked you. You nodded. “It’s better that way.” “Sad but true.” Yoongi interposed and pulled you into a lazy hug. “I know I rarely say it, but I really love you and I care about you.” He whispered into your ear “Always remember that.” You pecked him on the cheek.
He was your best friend out of all the members and he was also the one who crashed at your apartment the first two weeks after your breakup, so that you weren’t alone at night. He had comforted you and sent Jimin away, when he had been showing up at your door.
“I know.” You answered before you let go of him. One after the other, the remaining members hugged you and said goodbye. “I’m moving.” You said, already missing every single one of them.
“You’re moving?!” You suddenly heard a familiar voice behind your back. You froze in your movements. Only now you realized that the shower had been running when you entered the dorm. “You are moving?” He repeated his question in disbelief, taking a few steps inside the room. He stood to your left, only an arm length away from you. His hair was still a little damp from the shower. You could see him from the corner of your eyes, the mounting anger visible in his face. He looked at the other members. “You all knew about this?!” Taehyung nodded, nervously biting his bottom lip. The tension in this room was unbearable.
“Hey, we still need to go buy groceries. Does anyone want to join me?” Jin announced out of nowhere. “Me.” Jungkook blurted out and hurried to grab his coat. “Yeah, me too.” Namjoon said and followed the maknae. The others joined in and in less than a minute, no one but Jimin, you and Yoongi was left at the dorm. Although Jin had asked Yoongi several times if he wanted to come with them, he said he would stay.
As soon as the door closed, Jimin turned back to you. “Y/N, why are you doing this? Are you out of your mind?” He asked angrily. You didn’t answer. He grabbed you by your arm and your whole body tensed. You tried to free yourself from his hand, but he only tightened his grip on you. “Look at me!” He demanded. Yoongi grabbed Jimin’s wrist and roughly pulled him away from you. “Don’t touch her.” He hissed and glanced at the younger male. If looks could kill, Jimin would have been dead by now. “This is none of your business, hyung.” Jimin replied. “It is my business, because she is my best friend!”
Before Jimin could say something in return, you began to speak. “Shut up!” Both of them looked at you in surprise. “Stop with this madness!” You looked at your best friend. “Thank you for protecting me, but I think I need to have a word with him alone.” You said in a soft yet serious tone. Jimin smirked at Yoongi, who scoffed. He didn’t want to leave. “Yoongi.” You urged him. “Hurt her again and I’ll hurt you.” He threatened Jimin before he disappeared into his bedroom.
“Idiot.” Jimin mumbled. “He was the one who was so nice to help me get rid of you asshole.” You hissed “What kind of freak cheats on his girlfriend and then camps at her door for over an hour three times in one week?!” “You didn’t answer my texts or calls. And then you changed your number.” He replied in a loud voice. “Because we are done, Park Jimin! We are not together anymore! I don’t want to talk to you anymore! I don’t want to look in that disgusting face of yours anymore!” You yelled. He clenched his fists. “Don’t say things you don’t mean.” He replied.
You slapped him on the right cheek, the spot turning bright red. He winced and rubbed it in pain. His angry expression morphed into a distraught look. “I-I love you, Y/N-ah.” He said with a shaky voice “And I know you love me, too. Those feelings don’t just fade.” You shook your head in disbelief. “I am truly sorry for what happened. I don’t know what came over me.” He continued.
“Stop it.” You said in a serious tone “I don’t want to hear it anymore. I don’t want to hear your poor apology or that she isn’t your backup dancer anymore.” You looked deep into his eyes. “You don’t love me. You never did. Because if you did, you wouldn’t have cheated on me. You wouldn’t have hurt me.” “It was a mistake.” He said. “Once is a mistake, Jimin. Two months aren’t.” You countered. “We had sex like three times. And she means nothing to me, I swear.” He tried to assure you. “She isn’t you. I only love you. Please, don’t leave. Give me a chance to make up for everything.” He fell to his knees and held one of your hands in his.
You scoffed and pulled away. “I’m leaving.” You muttered and walked towards the door. At the rejection, he turned angry again. “Fine, you’re a bitch anyways. I’m glad I cheated on you.” He slammed the door behind you.
Yoongi came out of his room and darted Jimin another death glance. But Jimin didn’t care. He wiped the tears from his face that had been caused by the mix of anger, sadness and frustration that he felt at this moment.
Five Months Later
A lot could happen during five months. In your case, it went like this. You started to study at the new university. You met new people. You got into a relationship.You found out that this wasn’t the life you wanted. You broke up with your boyfriend. You stopped seeing people. You transferred to your old university again.
And now, after five months, you were back in Seoul. You moved into a new apartment on the opposite side of the city. Until now you hadn’t met anyone of your old friends. No one knew that you were back. You focused on university, making your apartment livable and all the transfer stuff you still had to do, like filling in paperwork.
On a Saturday, you decided to rumble about the city. Since you got here, you hadn’t had the chance to relax and enjoy the fact that you were back in your most favorite city. You went into a few different shops, trying on clothes but not buying anything.
You stood at the traffic light, waiting for it to turn green, when someone bumped into you. “Sorry.” He mumbled. You looked at him. You held your breath and widened your eyes in surprise. “Jimin?” He turned to face you and his jaw dropped. “Y/N” There was a moment of silence during which you did nothing but looking at each other. The traffic light turned green and people passed by, complaining about you just standing there.
“You changed your hair.” He said all of a sudden, a nervous smile on his face. “Um, yeah.” You looked down “Thank you” He fidgeted with his hands. “Are you visiting someone?” He wanted to know. “No, I-I moved back.” He widened his eyes and clenched his fists. “Why do the others always keep secrets from me?” He fussed. “They didn’t know either.” You informed him. “You’re lying. You’re just saying this so I won’t get mad at Yoongi-hyung and the others.” He replied. Your expression turned frosty. “Right, because I’m the liar and the one who keeps secrets.” He was taken aback by this statement. “Not so nice to see you here.” You added before you attempted to cross the street.
“Wait!” He yelled and pulled you back by your arm. You could hear a horn and saw someone cursing at you out of a car. “Do you want to get yourself killed?” Jimin hissed “The light is red!” You gulped. You had been one instant away from being run over. You ran your hands through your hair and let out a deep breath. “Just leave me alone, Jimin.” You pleaded “I don’t want to talk to someone whose last words were ‘I’m glad I cheated on you’” He panted. “You know I didn’t mean it.” “You mean just like you didn’t mean to sleep with that backup dancer?” You asked him in a sharp tone with your arms crossed. He clenched his jaw.
“Look, last time went horribly wrong.” He said “Let us talk. I’m gonna buy you a coffee.” You rolled your eyes. “You won’t stop bothering me if I say no.” You commented. “Don’t say that like I’m some creepy stalker.” He complained. “You’re not a creepy stalker. You’re my shitty ex-boyfriend who has started to develop a stalking tendency since we broke up.” You told him and gave him a wintry smile. He growled. “Fine” You gave in, which caused him to flash a smug smile “But only because it’s cold and you’re paying.” You weren’t sure if this was a good decision.
He led you into a nearby café and held the door open for you as you walked in. When the employee asked for your order, Jimin answered before you could. “Hey, I’m taking a black coffee and she’s taking a chocolate mocha.” You darted him a surprised glance due to the fact that he still knew what your favorite drink was. The employee smiled at the both of you. “You’re a really cute couple.” She commented. Jimin returned the smile. “Thank you.” “We are not a couple.” You said in a sharp tone, which caused their smiles to fade. “Sorry.” The woman behind the counter said and coughed slightly.
When you got your ordered drinks, you walked up to a table in a corner where no one was sitting. You sipped on your chocolate mocha. “Start talking.” You demanded. He frowned. “You were the one who wanted to talk. So let’s get it over with.” You added dryly.
He sighed and leaned his elbows on the table, placing his chin on his hands. “How can I prove to you that I regret what happened? I am truly sorry. Believe me.” He started “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I apologized a thousand times and I broke off all contact with her. Tell me, what do I have to do?” You looked at your drink. “Nothing. I know that you’re sorry.” You answered and he sighed in relief. But then he looked at you questioningly. “But what is the problem then?” You looked deep into his eyes. “You don’t love me.” He was dumbfounded. “Why else would you cheat on me?”
Only in this moment, he realized that there was one thing he had never done. He’d never told you the reason why he did what he did. “Listen, Y/N. This is probably only making it worse, but I owe you something.” “You don’t owe me anything - except maybe for the time we’ve been together.” You hissed. “This is important” He said, ignoring your snarky remark “You deserve to know why I did what I did.” You looked at him in confusion. “So, you’re going to tell me how hot she looked in her dance outfit?” You asked in disbelief.
He shook his head, closed his eyes and let out a deep breath before he opened them again. Whatever he was going to say to you, it wasn’t easy for him, you could tell. “I only realized it when I saw you standing in the doorway to my dressing room. I didn’t want to believe it, but Taehyung once came up with the exact same thing and I-“ “Jimin can you please get to the point? This is nerve wrecking.” You interrupted him. He gulped. “You’re right, sorry. Do you remember when we talked about our previous relationships?” You nodded slowly. “I had one boyfriend before you… And you had four girlfriends, if I remember right.” You recalled.
“I realized something. In my previous relationships, I was always the one to end it. I was always the one to break up with them. And it was always for the same reason.” He explained to you “I can’t have a serious relationship.” “Not really, if you cheat on people.” You interposed. He sighed, but continued anyways. “Every time they confessed their love to me, I applied the emergency brake and dumped them, before it could get too serious.” “Then why couldn’t you just dump me instead of staying with me even after I confessed and pretending to love me?” You wanted to know. You started to get a little bitter. “That’s the point.” He answered “I-I just couldn’t break up with you. I couldn’t. Because you’re different. When you told me that you love me, I thought about breaking up. But for some reason I just couldn’t do it. Instead, I stayed with you. But it ate me up inside and I started cheating on you, being the self-destructing mess that I am.” Self-destructing mess. You thought to yourself. Am I supposed to pity him?
“Because I really loved you – I still do. And I was just stupid and afraid of this. I never expected to actually fall in love with you. I expected it to go like every single one of my previous relationships. But it happened. And I couldn’t accept it at first, but now I can.” Tears were rushing down your face and he wiped a few of them away with his thumb. Then he placed his hand on your cheek, pulling your face so that you looked directly into his eyes.
“You are the love of my life, Y/N-ah.” He said quietly , getting teary-eyed at the sight of you crying “Please, give me a second chance. I’ll prove it to you. I’ll be a better man, I swear.” You pulled away and turned to look out of the window. “I know what I did in the past was bad. Not one of my ex-girlfriends deserved having to put up with me – especially you.” He added “I changed. I’ll love you like I should, like you deserve to be loved. I’m gonna make up for all of the tears and the pain I caused.”
Suddenly, you stood up and walked to the side of the table. He held you by your wrist, keeping you from leaving and looked up at you with a sorrowful and pleading expression on his face. Slowly, he got up and let go of your wrist. “I love you.” He whispered. You closed the distance between you two and clenched your hands in his shirt, sobbing into his chest. He wrapped his arms around your shaking body and buried his face in your hair. No one of you cared about the fact that you were standing in a café full of strangers. You cried your heart out and he held you even tighter, pressing your body as close to his own as humanly possible,
Six Weeks Later
“Thanks, here is your money. You can keep the rest.” You said to the delivery boy and handed him the money.
You closed the door and walked into the living room with Styrofoam containers full of Chinese food. You placed it on the table and let yourself fall onto the sofa. “Thank god. I was starving.” Jungkook said and grabbed his order. You took one of the containers and looked inside. “I think this is yours.” You muttered and held it next to you. “Thanks.” He replied and pecked you on the cheek. You took your own container and leaned back into the sofa. Jimin wrapped one of his arms around you and pulled you close to his side. “By the way, jagi” He started and you hummed in response. “Have I already told you today how much I love you?” “Like 87 times.” Yoongi interposed while rolling his eyes. You giggled.
Yes, Jimin and you were back together. You’d decided to give him a chance. And he took it. He treated you better than ever before. Everyone noticed the change in his demeanor as opposed to the first time you’d been together. Whatever he did or said was genuine now. Only Yoongi wasn’t too happy about you trying it again in the beginning, out of concern that Jimin might hurt you again. But he got over that after a while. He found out that Jimin wouldn’t make that mistake again, because, as the latter had said to you in the café, you were the love of his life.

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For the first time in forever... I didn't want that outcome... I hold grudges, and not even Park Mothafucking Jimin gets a second chance if he cheats on me for two damn months. But the story was lovely. I liked it. 😊
Plus that "I'm glad i cheated on you" thing would have earned him a good lamp broken on the head. Or a visit to the hospital.
this was a angst/fluff..... idk how I feel about it. 😐
That was so sweet at the end though, even though y/n should've gave him a high-five.In the face.With a chair.
Where is that angst ending at though?
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