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We all knew the Cavs were going to be good.

But I don't think anyone expected them to be this good.

They won their 9th straight playoff game by defeating the Toronto Raptors on home grounds in game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. The Big 3 (LeBron, Kyrie, and K-Love) were in dominant fashion and had such a huge lead that they didn't even need to come in for the fourth quarter.
The most important and game-changing factor that the Cavs got going is probably LeBron's teamwork and ability to run the game.

And he's occasionally throwing down moves like this one as well.

This is definitely a different turnaround for the number one team in the Eastern Conference compared to the number one team in the Western Conference. Even though many would've expected a Warriors victory, at this pace, the Cavs seem to be clicking together more as a team.
And I know we have a lot of LeBron haters...but I think it's time he deserves a trophy with his hometown team.
That dunk reminded me of LeBron when he was with the Heat!
They might get a sweep here as well
Great win for them. Just wait for us in the NBA finals!