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@sophiamor inspired me to do this card... I will do my best to pick the faves of the faves when it comes to my anime loves, anime crushes, and best anime fighters. Everything that makes me fall in love with an anime guy in less than a heartbeat ❤️
Uzumaki Naruto The hidden leaf's hokage. Husband of Hinata. Father of Hima and Boruto. Naruto saved the hidden leaf village repeatedly. He always followed his dream and never let anyone get in his way.
Sabo Kun. Always wanted to be a pirate even though his life didn't turn out that way. He way lucky enough to be saved and raised by the Revolutionaries and with that he gained more power than he ever intended to.
Soul Evans. Most bad ass death scythe you'll ever meet. He works hard as hell to go from just a scythe to a death scythe (as few left as there may be) His one and only true weakness always is to protect his Meister and that is exactly what he does. ❤️
Naruto 😍😍😘
Exactly! He's so chill. He makes Maka tea and food and doesn't think anything of it. @SimplyAwkward
Soul is chill as fuck to hang out with