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I am trying to redecorate my home office nook but I can't decide what kind of setting I want. I do know I want to sit by a corner with natural light. Here are the samples I found online. Since they all look pretty nice to me I have a hard time deciding. So, I'm asking you guys for help!

1. Back facing the wall and window on the left side.

Why I like this setup: I get to see who's enter the room without turning around and the wall shelving will serve as a pretty background when I video chat with my family.

2. Facing the window with an open back.

Why I like this setup: Summer is going to be hot but staring outside the window with keep me from feeling congested. The greens will also help comfort my tired eyes from staring at the computer screen for too long. In addition, I can possible turn my wall into a big cork board.

3. Facing the wall and window on the side.

Why I like this setup. The front view wall space will offer plenty of room to serve as mood board. I can also extend the table create 2nd workspace for my husband. Well, he never brings his work home but he could accompany me when I am doing my own thing.
And finally I have the biggest crush with this layout. Unfortunately, my room is not suitable for this type of styling. I will just leave it here because the interior design is cozy.
Since I can't makeup my mind. Let me know what you guys think is practical.
@MyAffairWith @primodiva93 @petname83 Thanks for all the suggestions! I decided to go with the first one. I'll update with a picture once I'm done remodeling the space. :)
and I love cork boards too @Scheherashared!!!
I love the last one too omg! I'd say go for facing the wall with window to the side simply because I would personally get distracted if the window was right in front of me, but I NEED natural light like you said! Also, you would be able to hang a calendar or white board or even just pretty pictures on the wall in front of you :)
I love all three as well, but I def think you made a great choice
@jordanhamilton yeah, it was thanks to everyone's awesome input. I had a hard time deciding because I love all three.
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