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The Day 10 of the 12 Days of EXO Community Challenge continues! Today, as you may know, belongs to the Boo, Huang Zitao! This boo is all about fashion. His brand of choice is Gucci (duh). But he experiments with his clothes too. It's all about looking expensive without actually paying that much. I'm all about that! Credit to all these bomb photogs.
Baby EXO airport fashion. Featuring judging Luhan and 100% Done Lay.
Couldn't resist these pictures of Tao in glasses. This is my new favorite thing.
What I love the most about this first picture is that you know he pulled his manager or someone aside and was like, "wait! take a picture of me!"
Chic shoots with EXO. I love Tao's punk rock look.
*clasps hand over heart* I just can't. This was another ridiculously long card. I don't know what my deal is lol.
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He's so extra. Hahahahaha. But I love him