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We're already into the sixth month of the year and that means summer break for some of us!

Here are three things I try to remind myself each summer.

1. No one is going to remember what you look like in that swimsuit.

Life is short, wear that bikini or speedo or whatever you want to (APPLY SUNSCREEN PEOPLE!) and jump in the water. Don't waste your life on a pool chair hiding because you're uncomfortable with your size.
If you're hiding from the sun, or just don't like the pool (I feel y'all) then still lounge proud!

2. Set goals, hold yourself to (some of) them.

The summer is long and if you plan to just veg for three months you're going to regret it. Set some kind of goal and work on it throughout the summer. Maybe you want to read more, be more active, study a certain subject, or just hang out with your family more. Give yourself a reason to get out of bed before noon every day.
Take advantage of this time to grow yourself.

3. People make mistakes all summer long.

With more free time or just a change in schedule, your relationships can be mixed up a bit. Maybe you go to a lot of dumb parties, maybe you can't see your crush, maybe you see your friends TOO often and you end up fighting.
Just remember that summer is an odd time for everyone and that any fight you might have during that time should heal before autumn. Don't hold summer grudges.

So go out and enjoy this summer :)

I have stretch marks on my thighs, so I always wear jeans and long pants year round. I am starting to get comfortable enough to wear shorts and swimsuits.
@ButterflyBlu Yeasss!! ♡
@AimeeH DO. IT.
my month birthday.thats for sure😒
@AimeeH I used to be really insecure about my stomach until I realized there were tons of girls at the pool and I couldnt even remember what they looked like! I might notice if they had a cute bathing suit but other than that I didnt notice anyone's physical appearance, and realized no one really cares about mine either :)
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