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I was lucky enough to go to summer camp when I was in middle school and learned the wonders that is smores and banana boats.

I don't have the opportunity to make them anymore, and that saddens me to no end (although, up until last year Cosi offered a mini smores making kit as a dessert in NYC...)
When I was thinking of fun things I wanted to do over summer now that the days are finally getting longer and the nights are getting warmer my mind IMMEDIATELY when to smores.

Here's what you need:

Graham Crackers
Sticks (or anything to stick the marshmallow on)
Don't have a fire but still want to enjoy the smores? Try this smores milkshake recipe!

I'm going to try to make this a series so what other fun warm-weather dates do you suggest for summer?!

good idea! :)
I've always enjoyed the beach and water park dayes. and fishing too, but that's not always for everyone
Mmmm! This looks delicious! 馃構
It's been over 100掳 where I live, so any dates involve hiding indoors or in the freezer (fresh produce) room at Costco lol Maybe Ice skating? but then you have to leave the A/C and venture into the sun... Yeah, not worth it lol I think I'm staying completely single for the duration of the summer haha I'm barely getting to work!
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