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It's Waifu Wednesday! That means it's time to announce a theme :P

Today's theme: Talk about a Waifu from a show you're currently watching!

This doesn't have to be an ongoing show (thought it can be). Just pick a girl (or guy!) you like from a show you're currently watching, and share what you love about them!
Post a card,
Include WW in the title,
and Tag me!!!

Tagging the WW crew :D

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The title for this week makes it sound like we are yandere and our waifu is senpai
2 years ago·Reply
does josuke Count as a waifu?
2 years ago·Reply
Emilia from hundred she is really cute and she is so hot .
2 years ago·Reply
@dragonslayer She's from Re: zero, no? :P
2 years ago·Reply