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We've all seen the "100 Years of Beauty in ___" videos, but someone decided that they wanted to tell the WHOLE story.

While those videos might show that the wealthy were able to wear, this video reminds us of what real women went through specifically 1900-1940.

Take a look.

In many cases our grandparents were alive during these times.

My Grammy was working as a secretary raising 5 kids by herself during the Newark riots in the 1960s. My grandma was working long hours at the telephone company in Boston, supporting her 4 siblings.

Women were, and still are, tough as nails.

Thanks the ladies in your life for their hard work and remind them that ALL women are beautiful :)
Being strong is hard no matter the gender. Being behind-the-scenes strong is epic.
I know we are supposed to be the strongest sex but..I don't know if I could work as a nursing assistant, raise a rebel boy, and hold a failing marriage together then turn around and physically take of that same man until drew his last breath..but my momma did even after a heart attack
lord soft bottom gives his respects
my level of respect grew 3 times today