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New Obsession: Succulent Bouquets

One of my best friends is graduating college next weekend, and I was thinking about how to send her a bouquet of flowers she would LOVE.

She's a little obsessed with succulents so I made the mistake of googling 'succulent bouquet' AND NOW IM IN SO DEEP.

I want one so badly and I have zero occasion to buy one for myself lol!

Who else thinks these are stunning, or do you prefer more traditional bouquets?

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beautiful but fresh succulent is quite heavy, like cactus, am I right?
a year ago·Reply
they can be but there is so much more to succulents than cactus. Look it up there's way to much info to type
a year ago·Reply
I got my best friends poneys for their graduation from college this year. I absolutely love the flowers
a year ago·Reply
I really like these ones
a year ago·Reply
love these so much!!! succulents are gorgeous
a year ago·Reply