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Here are Seung-Ri's petals thus far~
----> Episode 5
**WARNING~ From here on out, readers discretion is advised due to mature language~**
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Episode 6~
A sweet scent wrapped itself around your nose, awakening your senses to life and slowly your conscious as well. You stir for a moment then slowly stretch your legs as your arms reach beside you, subconsciously searching for extra warmth. Your arms keep searching, patting and sliding over the mass about of space beside you. You pry an eye open, then the other to allow your vision to slowly accommulate to the natural light in the room. The walls were the same, the ceiling was still there, but the spot beside you was empty and cold.
You cover your face with your hands and blow out your frustration, <<I knew it was too good to be true.>> You throw the blankets off your body and step onto the cold wooden floors, stretching your limbs to get the blood circulating. You make the bed and grab your toiletries and head into the bathroom for a quick shower, softly singing to yourself Justin Timberlake's song, My Love.
As you walk down the hallway to drop off your toiletries, the sweet scent from earlier teases your nose, making your stomach communicate its natural voice to you. Every step taken towards the kitchen, the smell intensifies, causing your stomach to growl louder. <<Did I sleep walk and cook something in my sleep or something?>> You grin to yourself.
You turn the corner to the kitchen and come to a sudden stop when you see Seung-Ri standing in front of the stove, softly humming to himself something that sounded like Justin Timberlake. His shorts the same color as the ones you recalled from the previous night but a plain t-shirt draped over his upper body. Your stomach growls the song of its people once more, giving your presence away to Seung-Ri.
He turns around and instantly begins to beam like a child, “there she is! About time you woke up!”
Your eyes flicker to the time on the microwave, “what are you talking about? It's barely 7:30 in the morning.”
“Oh really? It feels much later than that,” he replies and returns his attention back to the stove. “My stomach woke me up so I came and started breakfast. I went in to wake you up but you're a heavy sleeper so I left.”
You scoff, “Liar! I'm a very light sleeper thank you very much, I would have heard you say something to me.”
He turns to you and shoots you a wink, “I'm kidding baby, I just wanted to make sure you were awake.”
You roll your eyes and flash your tongue out at him.
He chuckles and turns off the stove, “I hope you're hungry, I wanted something sweet in the morning so I made Hotteok, but I guess it's a waste because I could always kiss you if I needed a bit of sugar, right?”
You giggle, covering your face to hide your embarrassed blush, “don't say that, it's too early for cheese.”
He grins with an accomplished look and starts dividing up the portions onto two plates. You watch as he paces back and forth, adding final touches to each plate, grabbing a pair of cups and filling them both with hot tea. His teeth over his bottom lip, holding it in place as he concentrated on the presentation of both plates.
<<Good lord, he's sexy....>>
Seung-Ri grabs both plates and motions for you to follow him with his head. You trail after him into the living room where the utensils were already laid out. He sets both plates on the coffee table then quickly returns to the kitchen to retrieve the cups of tea he had left behind.
“Volia, bonne appetite!” he beams.
“Ah, merci monsieur, merci,” you reply, taking a seat on the floor. He sits next to you and immediately digs in, moaning in pleasure when the hotteok greets his mouth.
“I'm a great cook, you know. You won't have to worry about it now that you're officially moved in.”
You raise an eyebrow.
“After work today, start organizing your stuff into our room, and if you need extra space, I'll tidy up the spare room to fit all of our stuff.”
You wipe your mouth with your napkin and shake your head slowly, “I don't think it's such a great idea for me to stay.”
“What are you talking about? Of course you're staying! There's no way I'm going to let you go after what happened,” he says with his mouth full.
“But we don't even know what they're after, or worse, what they're capable of-”
“Yaahh,” he throws an arm around your shoulders and turns to look at you, taking a second to swallow his food, “You're staying. I'll cash in a favor and get a friend to investigate the situation but I want you here where I can keep an eye on you, okay?”
You look down to avoid having to notice your worried thoughts, “fine, you win.”
Seung-Ri lifts your chin up and leans in to plant a gentle kiss on your forehead, “good.”
His phone rings, he flinches at the sound then sighs heavily, “YG.”
Your heart drops at the mention of his name, “how do you know?” you ask with a wary voice.
He grins and fishes out his phone, “I have custom ringtones for people from work, but the CEO has the loudest one, that way I can distinguish when to avoid trouble.” He glances over and notices your panicked expression. Seung-Ri smiles and reaches over to rub your back, “It's probably nothing.” Then gets up and quickly leans down to steal a kiss from your parted lips before breathing into the phone.
You stare at the half eaten hotteok on his plate with the horror spreading through your veins like poison. <<Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. I'm screwed. I'm so screwed. This is it. This is the end. This is where YG finds out and I get fired. The moment in time where I ruin Seung-Ri's career and destroy everything he worked hard for.>> You bury your face in your hands and pretend to scream out your frustration. <<I'm an idiot for not thinking this through. Ugghh, I'm an idiot for forgetting about who I freaking work for!>>
You get up and grab your dishes, taking them to the sink and rinsing them off just in time to see Seung-Ri finished up his phone call. He disappears into the living room while you slip into the room and change into your work attire.
Seung-Ri leans against the door, preventing you from leaving the apartment. “I can't let you walk out like that.”
You raise an eyebrow, “what are you talking about?”
He smirks then leans in and plants a gentle kiss on your lips again, cupping the back of your head to support you in place. Your heart breaks into a race, all traces of oxygen leaving your lungs as he steps in closer and deepens the kiss, causing your hands to cling onto his arms to remind yourself that everything that was happening is real.
Seung-Ri pulls back and smiles against your lips, “I'll see you at work.”
Your heart crashes to a complete stop at the mention of the word 'work' but your face manages to smile back and give a small nod before leaving the apartment.
The morning spent in your office dragged on slower than usual. Your mind wondered in different directions while you stared at the Hangul covered document. A knock on your door makes the hair on the back of your neck stand in horror. <<Crap, crap, crap. Here it comes. I've been caught.>>
The CEO's assistant enters your office with a few documents in hand, “Need these translated. Can you take them to the president when you're done? He's in the recording studio, thanks.” He disappears as quickly as he appeared, eliminating any opportunity for you to comment back.
“Aishh.” You run your hands through your hair in frustration and attempt to shake out the distracting thoughts out of your head.
You straighten up and pop your neck, inching your fingers across the computer keys. An hour later, you get off the elevator and navigate through the building towards the studio. A single knock on the heavy door granted you access when the president's voice traveled through.
“Ah, faster than I thought, couldn't expect any less from the Foreign Flower,” YG chuckles to himself the moment you appear through the door.
<<Damnit.>> Your eyes instantly get caught up with Seung-Ri's across the small room. He face molds into a mischievous grin and leans forward to directs his full attention to you. You tear your eyes away from him and notice the rest of the BigBang members in the studio, gazing at you with knowing looks.
You swallow hard and hand the president the documents, “thank you, sir.”
“You seem to be extra quiet today, anything on your mind?” Ji-Yong smirks.
“Nope. Just have a lot on my to-do list.” <<Like how to avoid scenarios like these.>>
YG laughs, “that's why I like you. Getting this done regardless of the situation.”
Dae-Sung raised an eyebrow, “do you ever have fun?”
“I'm sure she does, she did mention a 'To-Do' list,” TOP grins. Seung-Ri shoots him a dirty look, broadening the grin on TOP's face.
“Maybe she should get a vacation for working so hard,” Tae-Yang adds in, covering his smile with his hand, pretending to rub his nose.
<<What are you trying to say?>> you eye Tae-Yang curiously.
YG nods his head, “Just let me know and we'll give you some time. Thank you for your hard work.”
You bow as a thank you.
“Getting back to business,"the CEO focuses back to the members. The guys wave goodbye as you turn to leave the studio. "I take it you'll all be attending the promotion event tonight?” You shut the door before you manage to hear their response and scurry back to the elevator.
You make it back to your office and shut the door gently behind you as you, exhaling every ounce of anxiety that had built up inside. <<I really need to keep it together. That was way too awkward, even for me.>>
The rest of the day is spent with your face on your desk and your mind repeating different scenarios of what could happen when your relationship with Seung-Ri is exposed and the aftermath that could take place.
“Go home, take a bath, eat some dinner, and keep your mind off it as much as possible,” you repeat silently like a calming chant.
You pack your things quickly and shut down the computer, bowing to your co-workers as you pass by on the way the elevator.
“Hey,” the receptionist calls you over the moment she sees you. “Be careful when you walk outside, we got a tip that the paparazzi have been seen lurking around.”
“Oh? Okay, thank you.” <<Aishh. Of course they are. How could've I forgotten about those vultures?>>
You step outside and look both ways down the street, then call for a taxi and give the driver directions to a small grocery store a few blocks away from Seung-Ri's apartment complex. After weaving through the blocks, you finally get to the apartment and double check you weren't being followed.
You kick off your shoes and sigh deeply, feeling an invisible weight down on your shoulders. Seung-Ri emerges from the bedroom in nice dress pants and a button up shirt that was partially buttoned. He grins the moment he sees you leaning against the door, making your heart flutter at the sight of him under the safe privacy of his home.
“You look nice,” you comment, pointing at his outfit.
He stops and spins around for you then poses with his hands behind his head, “yeah, you're pretty lucky to have such a good looking guy like me," then pulls you in for a tight embrace and rubs his hands up and down your back. “Sorry for the comments the hyungs made today, they've been teasing me none stop.”
You breathe in his sweet cologne, melting deeper into his arms, “it's fine. I had a feeling they'd have fun with it. Being in front of the CEO though, that nearly gave me panic attacks.”
He chuckles in your ear, “I felt the same way. Don't worry about him for now. Everything is perfectly fine.” His lips touch your hair before he pulls back and smiles at you.
“What's the occasion?” you ask, buttoning up the remaining buttons on his shirt in order to prevent yourself from getting distracted.
Seung-Ri shrugs, “promotional event for our comeback, same old routine for the gang.” He tilts his head to the side and slowly grows a devious grin, “Come with me, tonight.”
“To the event.”
You roll your eyes and shake your head, “I can't. We literally just discussed why.”
He rolls his head back and sighs, “fine, but we'll have to go out somewhere eventually.” He leans back in and steals a quick kiss, “I want to treat you to nice things.”
Before you could respond, his phone begins to ring with Ji-Yong's 'Crayon.' You giggle the moment you hear Ji-Yong's voice on the other line when Seung-Ri picks up. Seung-Ri lets you go and begins slipping on his shoes while talking. He pulls away from the phone long enough to kiss you goodbye and disappears into the darkening night.
You spend the evening on the couch watching Netflix again, eating left overs from the night before and wrapping yourself up in Seung-Ri's blanket after spraying his cologne all over it to give you a sense of comfort as you fight to stay up long enough to see him come home.
<<I don't know what I should be more worried about. The fact that someone may be trying to come after me, or the fact that hell could break loose when YG or worse, the paparazzi find out about our relationship....>> You pull the blanket up to your nose and inhale its sweet scent deeply, letting the aroma wash over you and make you slip into slumber.
Your phone rings with the familiar sound of your alarm. You reach towards the sound and search for your phone, turning off the alarm once your fingers identify the shape of the cellular device. You stretch your arms and legs, trying to get the blood to begin circululating while you mentally give yourself a small pep talk to get up.
You feel movement beside you, causing you to open your eyes and see Seung-Ri fast asleep beside you, huddling closely to you as if searching for a better source of warmth. You look around and fully realize your location had changed from the living room couch to the bedroom.
The thought makes you smile, <<did he really carry me to the bed?>> You gaze at his peaceful face, then gently trace a finger down his nose, making it twitch in response. <<God, he's adorable. Am I actually with this guy?>>
Your alarm rings again. You reach over and quickly turn it off before it plays long enough to awaken the sleeping panda. You roll out of bed carefully and tiptoe out of the room to shower and prepare yourself for the day ahead, keeping extra quiet so Seung-Ri could sleep in.
With a bowl of cereal in your hand, you sit on the couch and turn on the television, lowering the volume to a whisper as you scan through the channels for something quick to watch.
"....and with the return of the the kings of Kpop, what could this mean to our current hot artists?"
You pause and tune in to the latest Kpop news when BigBang's picture appears on the screen.
"Last night BigBang preformed their latest hit single, commencing their promotion for their comeback. Now let me tell you one things, after the long hiatus, you know they'll be off the charts here and internationally."
You smile at the proud feeling in your stomach, <<Way to go guys! VIP until whenever!>>
"There's been rumors that YG has agreed to work with JYP Entertainment while negotiations with SM are still being arranged. Hopefully we'll see BigBang do a collaboration on their upcoming album."
You set your empty bowl down and pull out your phone to check for notifications.
"On the other hand, YG may have to answer a few questions to the VIP fandom and the Netizens after photographs of BigBang's Seung-Ri were uploaded last night after being seen with a woman last night after the performance."
Your head shoots up, eyes instantly focusing on the photograph of Seung-Ri's back with a strange woman pressing herself against his arm.
Another photograph displays, this time Seung-Ri appeared to have his arms crossed as the woman spoke in Seung-Ri's ear with a sly smile on her side profile while her hand was stationed comfortably on his lower back.
"No reports of the two arriving together were found but the notorious playboy of BigBang has always been a smooth one around scandals like these. What we can confirm is that Seung-Ri left the after party soon after the photographs were taken and the woman wasn't seen for the rest of the night."
You stand up abruptly, shutting off the the television to eliminate the pictures from your sight.
<<This is bullshit. Utter bullshit. What the hell? Seriously!>>
You yank your shoes on and storm out of the apartment without a second glance back.
<<Is this why he carried me to bed? So I wouldn't get mad at him for being seen with another woman? Ah, maybe that's why he was dressed like that too, and wore that particular cologne, to draw in the other women like dogs to a bone. How could he?! He didn't even look like he was bothered, he could have at least pushed her away, or even asked her to leave. Why did he just welcome it? Why did he just stand so still? Ughh!>>
You march straight out of the elevator and fish out your office keys from your bag.
"Did you hear? Seung-Ri might be causing trouble again," you pause the moment you overhear his name being mentioned.
"What else is new? You know how popular he is with the ladies, especially with the types of songs he releases. Calling him a playboy is like calling water for what it is," another co-worker responds with a laugh.
"So you think he took her home? I mean- you never hear the ending of things like this, just the aftermath that it starts but honestly, I wouldn't doubt it."
Your hands tremble with rage, making it extra difficult to insert the key into the slot. You manage to get inside after a few more fails and quickly close the door behind you to avoid anyone seeing the tears of frustration begin to weld behind your eyes.
"This is so stupid. There's no need to cry over something as idiotic as this." You blink back the tears and take a seat in your chair, exhaling slowly to breathe out your anger. <<And yet it feels like I've been slapped in the face with a reality I knew much too well. The reality of being with an idol. The reality of that idol having a reputation with things like this.>>
You lightly smack your cheeks to snap you out of your thoughts. "Come on, don't think about it at work. Handle the issue at home like an adult."
You stare at the documents on your desk all morning without any sense of motivation to accomplish anything.
The computer dings with an email arriving in your inbox. You click it open and read the request to bring the president the paper work when you finish.
<<Well if avoiding a scolding by YG doesn't motivate me, I don't know what will.>> You chuckle under your breath as your fingers glide across the keyboard and begin transcribing the document on your desk to Hangul on your computer.
Paragraph after paragraph, line after line, by the time you end up printing out the document, a small smile had sprouted across your lips, imprinting a sense of accomplishment.
Entrance to the president's office was granted after a few loud knocks.
You bow at the door, "I'm here to bring you the documents." You rise up and instantly notice Seung-Ri sitting across the the CEO, slouched in his chair. Your heart stops beating, launching your brain to an explosion of a million scenarios that could explain why Seung-Ri was in his office the moment you entered.
The CEO looks at you, "are you feeling well? You look rather pale."
The muscles in your face pull your lips into a smile, "yes, I'm well, thank you. I just have a lot on my mind."
His eyes shift over to Seung-Ri, "Yaah! Where's your manners? Sit up straight, there's a lady present," he says in a harsh tone. Seung-Ri straightens up but keeps his head low, giving you a chance to accurately read the atmosphere. YG looks back to you and softens his face, "it's difficult to work with individuals who are aren't giving 110%."
You bow your head, "it won't happen again sir."
He sighs, "see? I think you're falling ill but you're thinking that it's about the documents. Aishh," he shakes his head and turns to his assistant. "Collect the remaining documents from her office and notify the receptionist about her absence."
His assistant bows his head and then bows to you too before slipping around you and exiting the office.
"My absence?" You repeat with raised eyebrows.
"Vacation. Go home and rest up. You're not allowed in this building until next Monday."
"Go," he growls.
You bite your tongue and hand him the documents, bowing once more before leaving him alone with Seung-Ri again, looking back to see if Seung-Ri had finally looked up at you but only finding him in the solid statue he had been since you walked in.
You arrive at the apartment with arms full of fresh groceries, noticing the television was still on from earlier that morning. You stare at it for a moment, remembering the fury you had felt as you left then shake your head to rid yourself of the unpleasant thoughts and head towards the room to change quickly. After putting the groceries away then pouring yourself a glass of juice, you wander into the living room to fish out a book to read from one of your boxes.
<<Why was he in the office? If it was about our relationship, YG would just fired me on the spot right? Seung-Ri looked so cold, so serious. As if.... as if he were being scolded!>> You gasp. <<Maybe he was getting scolded for the rumor!>> A small smile begins to emerge but dissolves in a flash. <<Maybe I'm wrong about Seung-Ri. Maybe it's just the paparazzi that made him look like he the playboy people see him as.>> The memory of Seung-Ri confessing about the unwanted title blooms in your thoughts. You smack your head on the book in your hands and sigh deeply. <<I'm an idiot for not trusting him. How can a relationship suffice if I can't trust him? I can't believe I scooped so low.>>
You put your feet up on the couch to get comfortable and open your book tuning out the world, allowing your thoughts to settle down as you read on. Chapters into the book, a faint scratching noise enters your head. You look up towards the source and see the door opening with Seung-Ri entering inside.
He kicks off his shoes and closes the door gently behind him then leans against the door and sighs heavily. He takes a step forward towards the kitchen then turns his head and meets your gaze, making him pivot around and walk towards you.
Your head follows him as he cuts in front of you, puts your feet down, then lays on the couch with his head on your lap. His hands snatch your book away then reaches for your own hands and places them on the side of his head, closing his eyes the moment your hands touch his warm face.
“Out of everyone in the entire world, I'm so glad you're right here with me,” he finally says.
You smile, “I don't think I'd rather be anywhere else.”
He opens his eyes slowly and gazes up at you, “I'm sorry for not greeting you properly when you entered the boss's office. It's been a very long day.”
You stroke the side of face, letting your finger outline his jaw then gently apply small amounts of pressure when you glide them back up towards the his hairline. “It's okay, you're lucky I find pandas adorable.”
He grins, “good.”
The mention of Seung-Ri's name from the television makes you both look towards the television as the same Kpop news update from earlier replayed on the screen. You roll your eyes and concentrate back to the man on your lap, letting your inner fangirl take full advantage of memorizing how his skin feels underneath your touch.
He sighs deeply, draping his hand over his forehead as he closes his eyes again. “It's just exhausting.”
You coil your fingers around his hair, twirling it like a child as you study his marble features like an artist gazing upon the painting of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel. “What part?” you hum softly, hesitant to disrupt the sleeping king.
His eyes open slowly once more. Pools of deep brown capturing your own eyes as he reaches up and runs a finger down your cheek, “dealing with the stupid rumor.”
This time, you took a turn to sigh, pulling back your hand to run it through your own hair. Your thoughts race for a way to respond but fail, causing you to remain silent instead as you turn your head to avoid his gaze.
“Yaah!” he pulls your chin towards him. “Are you mad at me?”
“No.” <<I'm mad at myself for over thinking the situation.>>
“Stop lying to me.”
“I don't lie, I never have and I never will, especially to you.” You struggle to keep your voice under one octave.
He props himself up on his elbows, inching his face closer to yours, as if to intimidate you with his flawless features, “Do you trust me?”
You push him out of the way and get off the couch, “I don't want to talk about this right now.”
He stands up instantly and catches your hand, pulling you back towards him.
“No, we need to talk about this, and now. I need to know what you're feeling for me right now, I need to know that you trust me,” his eyes burn with desperation to be assured.
<<Please, don't look at me like that. It makes me feel so helpless to see you in such pain.>>
“Of course I do. You know I do.”
“Then why did you hesitate when I first asked you?” his voice got softer and softer as his sentence proceeded.
Awkward silence fills the room as he stares deeply into your eyes, searching for a hint of doubt in your soul. More seconds tick by, he lets go of your hand and shoves his hand into his pocket, allowing you to catch the sparks of rage in his eyes before he drops his head down.
“I see.”
<<Wait- no. Don't take it like this....>>
You try to move your feet but like an animal in front of their predator, you remain paralyzed. He grabs his jacket off the couch and flings it over his shoulder. “I need to be alone.” His voice was colder than ice itself.
As he walks by you, he bumps shoulders with you, breaking you from your trace and granting you freedom to turn around and throw your arms around him.
“Don't do this. Don't leave like this. Please,” you plead into his back. His body remains stiff with anger. “I trust you. I absolutely trust you with more than just my life. But it's the fact that I allowed myself to over think the situation in my head without properly asking you what had happened. I'm mad at myself, for taking the easy way out instead of being an adult and confronting the issue. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. But please, as mad as you may be right now, please don't walk away from me.”
“Enough!” He pries your hands off and turns to look at you with screaming eyes. Your hands begin to tremble with fear of the immediate unknown. Seung-Ri closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, following by a long and hard exhale. “I'm going to step out and make a couple of phone calls,” he says with his eyes still closed.
You swallow hard, “n-no it's okay. I-I planned on w-washing up any-y ways.” Your voice too trembled, making Seung-Ri open his eyes, revealing the dismay within. He steps forward and reaches for you, sliding his hand beneath your ear to caress your cheek with his thumb slowly.
“Don't take too long,” he breathes in a gentle voice. “I'm going to disappear for a little while and I want to take you with me this time.”
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