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Hope your things are packed and ready to go because today we're off to adventure with our panda! <3 :D
Here's Season 2 Premiere in case you need it<3
Here are Seung-Ri's petals thus far~
----> Episode 5
-----> Episode 6
Shall we see where this adventure will lead us? ;* <3
Please enjoy! :D
Episode 7~
You step out of the shower and begin drying off, listening to Seung-Ri's low voice travel through the walls. Loud footsteps echo down the hall, you crack the door open after getting dressed and poke your head out, looking both ways to try to catch Seung-Ri's voice.
Seung-Ri steps out of the bedroom and looks at you, “Yaah, about time you're out.” He disappears back into the room then emerges once again with clothes in his hands. “Change into this quickly, we're being pressed for time.”
Seung-Ri places the clothes in your hands then steps back into the bedroom. You close the door to the bathroom and begin changing into the pair of leggings and the button up shirt that Seung-Ri had given you.
You check yourself out in the mirror, <<these are my clothes. Did he go through my suitcase?>> The thought makes you run out of the bathroom and into his bedroom. You scan the room for any trace of evidence of Seung-Ri messing with your stuff but a heavy rolling sound distracts you.
“Babe,” Seung-Ri calls out. You follow the noise to the living room and find him in a different outfit with a couple of suitcases propped up behind him. “Ready?”
You shake your head, “I don't even know what's going on. Where are you going-”
He wraps his arms around you and pulls you in for a tight embrace, “I know this is sudden, and I know I didn't ask for your permission or anything, but trust me on this okay?”
You pull back and stare into his dark eyes, using your thumbs to caress the dark circles that had begun to form there. “Of course.”
His lips curve into a smile before leaning in to give you a gentle kiss on the lips. “Good.”
Your heart flutters at the single word.
Seung-Ri lets you go and scoops up a jacket off the arm rest on the couch, “take this, it may get chilly along the way. Put your shoes on, I'll turn off the lights and carry the bags to the car.”
“But my stuff-”
“I have everything we'll need with me, babe. Let's go.”
You follow him down the stairs and into the parking garage underneath the complex. He unlocks his car and pops the trunk open as you slide into the passenger seat. When the car roars to life, Seung-Ri hands you a face mask then pulls up your jacket's hoodie. You take them and put them on while Seung-Ri does the same and adjusts his beanie.
Navigating through traffic wasn't difficult for him, but throughout the whole ride, you could sense his focus on the road.
<<Where are we going? What is he up to? Aishh, should I ask him?>>The debate continues in your head, but the moment you decide to ask, Seung-Ri takes the exit towards Seoul's international airport.
<<You're freaking kidding me.>> “W-we're flying-g?” you stutter, shocked by the extremities of his actions.
“Do you trust me?” his voice was low and attentive.
<<Aishh, there it is again, the question that started this mess.>> You clear your throat, “You know I do, I'm just..... a bit surprised.”
Seung-Ri parks the car in the reserved parking lot and shuts off the engine. He turns to you and grabs your hand, “from here on out, we'll have to watch our backs. Follow my lead no matter what happens, okay?”
You nod slowly, causing Seung-Ri to lean in and rub his face mask against yours in attempt to give you a kiss.
“I love you,” he breathes through the mask then pulls back and opens the car door without giving you a chance to reply back. You climb out of the car as he retrieves the suitcases and locks the car with the button on the keys.
The fast paced atmosphere in the airport made your stomach queasy with anxiety. Your eyes flickered from person to person frantically, searching for any sign of something being strangely out of place. You keep close to Seung-Ri as he navigates to the check-in desks. He shoves his hand into his inner coat pocket and pulls out two passports, one being his Korean passport and the other being your American passport.
You stare at him with wide eyes, “where did you get that?” you hiss under your breath. <<So he did go through my stuff! Yahh! What the hell!>> You notice the agent eyeing you curiously by the way she leaned in, in an effort to make out your features underneath the mask.
Seung-Ri glances over to you and shoots you a quick wince then proceeds to hand the ticket agent his credit card. He lowers his voice enough to make it difficult for you to understand the precise details, only catching the words, 'Japan' and 'private.'
The agent returns both passports to him, shooting him a knowing look before she glanced over to you dogged you from head to toe. Seung-Ri cleared his throat then put his arm around you and leaned in to press his mask against your head, making a small smooching sound. His actions made you smile once it clicked that he was trying to show you off to the agent in order to keep the woman from giving you dirty looks.
With the tickets in his hand, Seung-Ri hands you your passport and the smallest luggage out of the two then looks around for a second.
"I didn't like that woman,” he murmurs in a low voice. “She kept asking unnecessary questions.”
You glance behind him and try to catch a glimpse of the ticket agent, only to notice that she had disappeared. “I couldn't hear what was going on.”
Seung-Ri shakes his head, “it doesn't matter. I'm not taking any chances either way in case we get followed.” He hands you a small envelope with your airplane ticket sticking out. “I've already made arrangements. Take the ticket and go on ahead, I'll meet up with you there.”
You flinch, “Where? What's going on? Why can't we go together? I'll end up getting lost!”
His cheeks perk up behind his mask, “Trust me babe, I have everything under control.” He draws you in for a quick hug then lets you go and grabs the large suitcase, disappearing into the heavy crowd within seconds.
You look around, eyes flickering from place to place once more. <<Okay, I can do this. Whatever he's doing, he's doing for me.... right? I have a bad feeling about this.>> Your phone dings with an incoming notification. You pull it out and see the message banner displaying the message under Seung-Ri's name.
“Your flight leaves in 30min, go to the gate please.”
You look around, trying to find the location he was messaging you from.<<Aishh, I need to quit with the negativity and get going.>> You grab the suitcase and drag it behind you, glancing at the ticket in your hand to find the gate you were supposed to wait by. You feel your eyes bulge out of their sockets, <<I heard Japan but why Fukuoka?>> You pass through security and drop the suitcase off at the baggage check that was recommended due to your flight.
On your way to the gate, a couple of men with cameras in their hands bump into you, distracted by their quiet conversation. They bow in apologize then continue walking past you.
You stop and look back, cocking your head from side to side to get a better view of the path they took. <<Was that the paparazzi?>> One of the men turns around, making the hair on the back of your neck jump in fear. <<Shit, shit, shit! That's what Seung-Ri meant!>> You turn back around and continue forward, picking up your pace to get enough distance between you and whoever else was around.
You pull back your jacket's hoodie and hand your ticket to the flight attendant at the entrance who then bowed and wished you a safe flight. You bow back and make your way down and into the small airplane. Once again, another flight attendant asked for your ticket then showed you to your seat and brought you a neck pillow and a bottled water before returning back to the front.
You look at the small envelope once more, opening it to find another airplane ticket with the destination ending at the Okinawa island chain of Japan. <<Damnit, panda. Where are you taking me?>>
The flight took off a bit after. You removed your mask and stared out the window, watching the world disappear under an ocean of clouds with glimpses of green here and there.
<<I don't understand how we went from arguing to traveling. It's like he's trying to hide from the drama.>> A soft sigh escapes your lips when your eyes begin to close. <<I can't blame the man. I've only been in the media a few times and yet the pressure is exhausting. I wonder how they do it. Maybe that's why they train for so long, so they can keep it together when shit hits the fan.>> Your brain pulls out the memory of Seung-Ri's confession, making your heart skip. <<I thought I had it hard. I honestly thought it would have been the end of the world if I confessed to him, but Seung-Ri.... God, I can only imagine what he must have felt.>>
When you arrived at Fukuoka, you find the gate that took you to Okinawa just how it was instructed on the second ticket in your hands. You wait for another half hour as the gate prepared itself to open.
The plane to Okinawa was much smaller than the one you flew in from Seoul. <<Why did I even agree on coming? I'm going to get lost and the process of getting home will be a pain. I should have asked more questions.>> The small five second encounter with the paparazzi at the airport pops in your head. <<Shoot, that's right. If I would have asked questions, Seung-Ri would have stayed even longer next to me and it would have gotten worse! The media would find out, his image would have been ruined, YG would have..... oh crap, YG.>> You arrive at the Naha Airport in Okinawa just as the colors in the sky begin to show evidence of change.
<<If YG were to know what I'm doing for my 'vacation' he'd fire me on the spot, no worse, he'd kill me and make it look like an accident.>> Violent shivers run down your back. <<I can't speak of the devil right now. Crap, I can't call him that either. Aishh, I'm so screwed if this ends badly. I'm screwed in general if our relationship gets discovered!>>
You chew on your lip while heading out of the gate and pull out your phone to take it off of airplane mode. Immediately, another message from Seung-Ri pops up.
“When you get to Okinawa, exit the airport. There's a man waiting for you with a sign that has my surname. He'll take you to where you need to be. See you soon, baby.”
Your cheek raises into a half smirk. <<Should I tell him that I'm annoyed with all the mystery or that I'm actually enjoying myself?>> You shake your head and slide your phone back into your pocket.
You pick up your suitcase and drag it towards the exit, searching for the man that Seung-Ri had mentioned in the text. Towards the end, you spot a tall man in a nice suit with a sign reading, 'Lee.'
“Mrs. Lee?” he spoke gently in Japanese when you walked up to him and bowed.
<<Mrs?>> “Y-yes,” you bow again.
The man grabs your suitcase and motions for you to follow him out of the airport and into a small black car. He opens the door for you and closes it the moment you're inside. You watch closely as he too climbs inside and starts the engine then pulls away from the airport and merges into the highway.
<<Am I allowed to question this guy?>> You study the man's blank expression through the rear mirror, glancing away every other second to see where he was taking you. <<Maybe he doesn't know either.... maybe he just thinks I'm Seung-Ri's wife who's going on vacation like any other couple.>>
The car pulls up into a small dock port. When the engine shuts off, the man climbs out then runs around and opens your door. “Mr. Lee gave me this to give to you. Please hurry towards the boarding zone before the ferry pulls away.” He hands you another small envelope then goes back and pops the trunk open to retrieve your luggage.
You thank the man and bow respectfully, earning a bow back from him before he slipped back into the car and drove away.
<<The ferry?>> You look around and see a single boat in the port. You head towards it then stop to open the envelope once you're close enough. A small boarding ticket was tucked inside with a small note with your name on it.
“Babe, grab a taxi when you get to Tokashiki and ask the driver to take you to the Gakiya Marine House across the island. I have a friend that'll pick you up from there and bring you to me.”
You scratch your head in effort to put all the pieces together but give up and head towards the man that was checking tickets on the boat. You find a cozy seat in the back of the ferry and wrap yourself in your jacket too keep the cold ocean wind from stealing your body heat.
<<Two plane rides and now I'm on a boat. Why do I feel like he's literally dragging me to the middle of nowhere? Like, Seung-Ri, are you trying to get me to runaway with you to some distant wonderland? I mean, who am I to complain? I've dreamed of doing so ever since I first laid eyes on you through the computer screen but this is too surreal. I don't think I've looked this deeply into Japan's isle chains, so if by some mysterious force the ship gets lost, then well, no. I shouldn't think about that. Especially not now....>>
The ferry sets sail from the Tomari port soon after you board. You look around and see many tourists on board as well, taking photographs of Okinawa as it disappeared into the horizon.
“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking,” a voice echoed through the speakers. “We will arrive at the Tokashiki port in 40 minutes or less. Please bundle up because nightfall will bring harsher winds.”
You hug yourself tighter, <<Thank you oppa, for making me take a jacket.>>
The tourists on the ferry talked between themselves, leaving you to listen to the sound of the ocean to help your mind relax after hours of surviving different airports and plane rides. The sky tinted itself in hues of orange and pink, highlighting the ocean water with different shades of blue.
The time spent on the ferry felt like hours instead of minutes and with the loss of cellular signal, it felt much worse.
By the time the ferry finally pulls into Tokashiki, the passengers had grown antsy to hop off and leave, many because of sea sickness. You notice a small taxi further down the road and instantly take off towards it before any of the tourists had a chance to start taking the available taxis before you.
The driver rolls down his window the moment you bow, “Can you take me to Gakiya Marine House on the other side of the island?” you ask as formally as you could in Japanese.
The man looks at you for a second then bows his head and unlocks the trunk for you. You push the suitcase into the trunk then close it shut and quickly climb inside the already running car.
“What brings you to Tokashiki?” the man asks as soon as he's out of city limits.
<<Shit, I'm not prepared with a story!>> “I-I'm visiting a friend,” you reply with the first excuse that popped in your mind.
“A friend all the way out here?”
<<Please stop asking questions, you're making me nervous with all the lying!>> You nod, “They do volunteer work in these parts.”
The driver keeps quiet as he snaked through the dense forests. You looked out the window and gazed in awe at the beauty of the untouched side of mother nature, losing track of the path that the driver was taking.
“We're here,” he said as he pulled into a driveway.
“So soon?”
The driver laughs, “Yes. It's a small island, miss. It's easy to get from point A to point B.”
You smile back and hop off to unload your suitcase then approach the driver window and hand him the payment for the ride. He bows respectfully then backs out of the driveway.
<<Okay. Now where's this friend that Seung-Ri mentioned would be here?>>
You pull the luggage further into the driveway until a man comes running out from the small hotel.
“You must be Mr. Lee Seung-Hyun's friend right!” the man shouted as he approached closer.
You bow, “Y-yes.”
The man mirrors your bow, “Excellent! I've been waiting for you. Come on, let's get you to Akajima Island.”
<<More traveling!>> You fight the urge to roll your eyes and call it a day as you follow the man down to the beachfront.
He takes your luggage and sets it on a small motor boat, “Just a few more minutes and you'll be with Mr. Lee,” he smiled warmly at you.
You smile back and slip off your shoes to avoid getting sand inside of them but the warm white sand against your toes made your body shiver with pleasure.
<<Can I just stay here?>> You climb into the boat and sit next to your luggage while the man roared the boat to life.
Being closer to the ocean on the small boat allowed you to taste the salt on the tip of your tongue, its freshness reminding you of how far you had traveled in half a day.
“This is the first time Mr. Lee has shared his private home with another person,” the man shouted over the noise. “You must mean a lot to him if he's going out of his way like this.”
You bow your head as a substitute for being unable to come up with a response. <<Is he serious? Seung-Ri has a private home and doesn't bring anyone here?>>
The sky had darkened enough to make it difficult to see clearly, but the man continued to head in the direction of faint lights on the water. The closer the boat got, the bigger the lights, until you were able to make out the darkened outline of land.
Out of the blue, the man steered the boat a bit west, leaving the lights behind as he steered around a cape and towards another set of lights.
<<Um, excuse me sir, I believe the town is the other way.....>> Your heart begins to pound with adrenaline. <<Should I jump off and swim for it? Would he think I'm crazy? Aishh, how would I get back home? I don't even know where exactly on the map of the world I am!>>
A shadowed figure walking onto the beachfront catches your eye. With the motor boat inching towards the shore, you're able to make out the familiarity from the shorts that the shadow wore until you were close enough to see details with the help of the light from the house.
“Mr. Lee!” the man steering the boat shouted and waved his arm.
<<Seung-Ri! How did he get here before me?>>
Seung-Ri waves his arms back and runs out to meet the boat as it slid onto the beach.
“Good evening, Mr. Lee. I hope your trip here went well,” the man said as soon as the motor died down.
Seung-Ri bowed, “Yes thank you. I hope she didn't give you any trouble.” Seung-Ri grabbed your suitcase and helped you climb out of the boat.
“Not at all, she was calm throughout the whole ride,” the man chuckled. “Give me a call if you need anything, Mr. Lee. Enjoy your time here!”
Seung-Ri bowed again, causing you to bow as well to thank the man for his efforts. The man kicked the boat to life once more and pushed the boat off the beach then jumped in and disappear into the darkness.
“How'd you get here so fast!” you say, breaking the silence between the two of you.
He laughs, “I'm glad to see you too, baby. Come on, let's head inside and warm up.”
You follow him across the beach towards the house, “I'm serious, how did you get here before I did?”
Seung-Ri throws and arm around you and smirks at you, “It's all about connections babe.”
You raise an eyebrow at him.
He pulls you in and kisses your head, “There's a small airport connected to the island called Kerama Airport. I flew in from Okinawa.”
“And you made me ride on the boat when I could have just flown?”
“Yaah, don't get mad, I need extra time to get the place cleaned up and stocked with food for the week. The last tourists I rented it out to left it a mess.”
You sigh and wrap your arms around him, “Fine, but no more wild goose chases. I felt like a lost puppy.”
He smiles against your hair, “I won't have you leave my sight ever again baby, promise.”
You reach the hardwood flooring of the house, making you look around in awe. “This is way too modern to be on this type of island in Japan, don't you think?”
“Kind of. I had to remodel it multiple times to get this type of view and yet feel the privacy when the beaches are covered with tourists and locals.” Seung-Ri sets your suitcase down, next to the one he had taken. “Welcome to my hideout. You're officially the first person that I've ever told and brought here.”
You smile, “really?”
He nods his head and cups your face in his hands with a mischievous grin on his face, “Now we can be alone without a single soul to disturb us.”
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