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Please visit the artist site to show your support and see more of her fantastic art work. Site [http://selenada.deviantart.com/] "Hi, I'm Ulyana and I am self taught artist! Creating art means really everything to me. I was born in Russia and lived for 9 years in New Zealand (beautiful place) before I moved to Germany. I love animals, chocolate, thunder and rain (especially when I am at home), I also love playing harp, watching movies, looking at art of other artists and meeting new people. I really enjoy teaching, music and art, so watch out for livestream tutorials (in art) XD Eh, don't know what to say more, when I remember I will add on. Now you know me a bit better. ;)"
Breathtaking and beautiful collection Yin.
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@CygnusX1 Yes, she is one awesome artist. Thanks! I'm always happy to see your comments.
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