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"He is so out of my league" is something we hear often, but do we REALLY put ourselves in 'leagues' based on attractiveness level?

Buzzfeed did a test to see if people could match up real couples based on their appearance. There were couples of different ages, races, and sexualities, and they were put to the test!

Check out the findings here:

Do you think we subconsciously date in our attractiveness level?

Would you feel intimidated by someone more attractive than you?

I think dating within Leagues would be difficult for bowlers, but ideal for Baseball players. "Isn't he out of your League?" "No, he got traded and now we're in the same league."
looks start the process but it needs more than that. I think people limit themselves when they think they have to date someone of a certain level. get to know them. you may find out you hit it off more than the initial looks let you believe. that's my current outlook to stop limiting to what others think and go based off of how things go.
depends on your viewpoint of what is important in attraction and how you judge yourself in this. There has to be an initial spark between two people and that involves a connection mentally as well as physically. In this respect no one is out of anyone's league.
Me: Words can't even describe how beautiful you are Her: Awwww thanks. Me: But numbers can. 2/10
Hmm as long as they're nice and have a good personality really.
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