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Do You Have To Date Based On Your Attractiveness Level?

"He is so out of my league" is something we hear often, but do we REALLY put ourselves in 'leagues' based on attractiveness level?

Buzzfeed did a test to see if people could match up real couples based on their appearance. There were couples of different ages, races, and sexualities, and they were put to the test!

Check out the findings here:


Do you think we subconsciously date in our attractiveness level?

Would you feel intimidated by someone more attractive than you?

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Statistically speaking yes. It has been observed by many studies that couples tend to have roughly the same level of physical attractiveness. Social psychology offers matching hypothesis, and there is also a way to see it from economy point of view. Different gender have different level of inportance for physical beauty, explained by evolution psychology. But don't worry study actually show that couples with roughly the same level of attractiveness are happier. Anyway, I think it is importance for everyone to address the bigger issue. Such doubt in this matter rise from our deep insecurity. Just like food, there multiple 'taste' in the food, and everyone has different preference. Although what taste good might be universal, what taste perfect for you is only perfect for you.
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The never ending question of who is good enough for whom. And dont forget the age old What will my family think? Honestly, If you are good for each other no one else matters. Yes family, friends and peer groups can make it easier if you have their approval but its not a requirement. The only thing that matters is if you are good for each other. You improve each other and encourage each other. If kids are involved they come first-always, doesn't matter who's they are they must come first.
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looks are as important to me as flying is to turtles... my wife is cute I'm not lol but we still love each other and when I go to sleep at night that's what's important
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@HandsomeBacon that is so great! Its wonderful to hear good news. Y'all have the right idea
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