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HE'S NOT A BUSINESSMAN, HE'S A BUSINESS, MANNNN With the release of Manga Carta Holy Grail, rumors of Jay-Z being a complete sell out are being confirmed across the music blogging world. An EXCELLENT review of MCHG called "When fans are reduced to customers..."by Chris Richards of the Washington Post drives home a couple of sad-but-true points: "...Throughout “Magna Carta,” the 43-year-old pretends he’s a threat to a system he’s so eagerly become a part of, as if his life as a champion capitalist is some perpetually escalating act of subversion..." "...all of this Samsung hullabaloo has only distracted listeners from the fact that, musically and lyrically, “Magna Carta” is one of Jay-Z’s blandest offerings. Over 16 joylessly professional tracks, our hero laces up his sneakers for his bazillion-thousandth victory lap around the hip-hop universe. There’s no mood, no verve, no vision to this music. It’s the sound of champagne being sprayed around an empty locker room." "Instead, “Magna Carta” is packed with his patented American dreaming at its most unimaginative." "...he closes the album by insulting the listeners who made him a superstar: 'Y’all not worthy/Sometimes I feel like y’all don’t deserve me.'" Basically Richards is saying that he put out a shit album, partnering up with a huge company and knowing it would sell. However, others say he's not selling out, he's just taking advantage of being Jay-Z, and that he's trying to adapt to the ever-changing music industry. People claim the Samsung marketing and album distribution was actually *genius* in terms of sales and marketing, while potentially sidestepping pirating. What do you think? Check out his comments on haters here: http://www.vingle.net/posts/159100-Watch-Jay-Z-Says-The-Internet-Killed-the-Album-Review
@shoenami true true
@leecatlee lol.. yeah.. well, on second thought.. he's a "businessman" with Rock Nation and all.. but I just wish he kept money and corporate stuff when it comes to his music..
@shoenami werd i was like okay we get it jay z you're rich ):
sell out.. would've been much cooler if it was all about just music