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I wouldn't deem this anime as the worst anime ever but it's definitely bad. IN MY OPINION so don't get your panties in a twist if you disagree
I couldn't even get pass the fifth episode without wanting to grab my mom's gun and hunting down the creator of this bull shit (That's an AK-47 btw)
I'm used to perverts an anime and seldom is it the main character in a harem anime. But this guy is fucking disgusting. Excuse me for sounding like tumblr but He objectifies the girls around them, constantly talking about his hard ons, and forcing himself onto the girls. Never an episode in season one where he isn't purposely grabbing a girl's chest.
See this bullshit? he does this about 10 thousand times
Not only that, this fuck ass guy is naked for about half the series. And it's a run on joke! Dick jokes fucking everywhere! Like it's soooooo funny he's naked in public in front of women! Haha get it because they can't think of anything else!
Don't even get me started on how he mistreats the girls around him in his harem. And a few of them don't treat him well either. But of course all is forgiven after one romantic scene and back to being in love! He's nothing but a dirty abusive pervert who blames the women around him for his own damn problems! But you know, we gotta have a happy ending so let's just have all of them forgive hi and be happy!!
Fan service has never been a negative thing to me. I actually quite enjoy it in anime BUT THERE IS SUCH THING AS TAKING IT TOO DAMN FAR Heaven's Lost Property is just as shitty as High School DxD They're so focused on giving everyone boners that they forget you need an actual plot!! The story line is shit. The only redeeming quality is the detail. The detailing is great.
If the creator just wanted a bsdm anime where girls wear chained collars and guy degrade them then fine But save that for the hentai instead of this sorry excuse for an anime
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@mufasapetersen No they do not. I do not go around constantly beating up my friends. I do not force myself onto my friends. I do not call my friends names that are insultive. I do not blame my friends and make them feel bad about themselves. I do not make my friends strip in front of me to get off. I do not run around naked in fucking public acting like a damn fool. If you do any of those things, to me personally you're sick
@mufasapetersen Oh my bad. I forgot there is logical reasons to borderline rape your friends and beat the shit out of them. How could I be so rude.
this Anime is just OK in my book. but realistically if you gave a pervert full control over pretty girls and those girls want him to go that far, then this is the result. no real story or reason to be for this one. however later on it gets a little better with character development. I won't spoil this but the ova moves are heart moving. there might be 2 or 3 of them. I know I can't stand to watch one of them since I have an idea what happens (I spoiled it for myself) and I don't want to put my self through it.
Those girls repeatedly said no and ran away from him. Please explain how the girls "want" him to touch them? And my problem with this trash anime is more than just the borderline rape that the guy from earlier was actually trying to justify. That is just sick
it turns into more of a harem where they compete for his attention. I'm only talking about the angles. forget about the regular girls.