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Hey guys, Its John and I'm here to introduce another group that doesn't get noticed that much. We are introducing MAMAMOO! They are my favorite girl group! O hope you guys enjoy learning more about them

Who Are Mamamoo?

마마무 is a 4 member group that debuted in 2014. The four member include Solar, Wheein, Moonbyul, and Hwasa. They are managed by WA Entertainment and Rainbow Ridge World. Time to meet the members


Real Name: Kim Yong Sun Leader, Main Vocalist Born February 21, 1991


Real Name: Moon Byul Yi Main Rapper, Main Dancer Born December 22, 1992


Real Name: Jung Whee In Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer Born April 17, 1995


Real Name: Ahn Hye Jin Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper Born July 23, 1995
You should check out their latest album "Melting". The is their first full length album. It was released on February 26, 2016 with "You're The Best" serving as the album's lead track.
there is a vampire in the group. born in she is almost 100 haha.........I've listened to them a few times. they are good.
mamamoo is Bae owo
HWASA IS MY BIAS I LOVE HER! So sassy! Mamamoo was the first girl group I got into
I'm so glad you made this card, Mamamoo is my favorite female group of all time!
I love Mamamoo and can't wait to see them at KCON NY. They are my favorite girl group.
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