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Voice of an Angel
Studio and Live...
Enough said just listen to his voice as it carries you to heaven...
And now for tagging my usual peeps... This is my Kim Hyun-joong tag list... Please leave a comment saying if you want to be added to this list!!! Or if you wish to be taken off the list... I am OCD so tags are listed alphabetically... I will respond to your comment to let you know you have been added!!! Changes will occur from next card on!!! A: @amobigbang B: C: D: E: F: G: H: I: J: @JackieG1617@JessaMaeUdasco K: L: M: @MadAndrea N: O: P:  @PrincessUnicorn Q: R:  S:  @SimplyAwkward, @SugaOnTop T: U: V: @VKookie47 W: X: Y: Z:
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omggg yes I totally love both! 💖 thanks for the tag
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