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There's no denying it anymore....Ken has completely demolished the bias list. The only two survivors, Hamjji and Bean. The rest have sustained significant injuries and Ken has heartlessly climbed over them. I tried to deny it for so long, but I've finally accepted it. The kid is just too dang cute!!!!

It started with Chained Up, that's when Ken decided it was time he move up a few spots. Dynamite only made it worse, solo activities made it worse as well. Now I've given up. He won! I fully accept the child as my cute precious alien son.

Aish...what even is this child?........Whatever he is I love him!

Ken has always been the sly one. You think he isn't there and that he is adorable but really he is sneaking into your heart and head until its only him your thinking about. Just bc he isnt your bias now doesn't mean he wont be in the future. He has been trying to do that with me but with Leo being my ultimate bias he hasn't succeeded yet! (Yet being the key word here.)
so glad he became my ultimate bias and bias wrecker after my first three weeks in the fandom. he has done everything to keep himself on top tho hyuk likes to step on his toes. Ken even wrecked himself for Dynamite comeback lol. but I think after he tweeted me we became closer
He needs to stay in his lane! Ravi and Bean are there already, and Bais wreaker Leo might get upset and smack you!
Omg it's sooooo true. He's my UB and I can say with 100% certainty that he quickly destroyed my bias list, from the first note I heard in Voodoo Doll. Hyukie tried to top him, but he didn't get there. So far he's stayed on top for a long while
BOY YOU NEED TO STAY IN YOUR LANE! RAVI MIGHT GET ANGRY IF YOU TAKE HIS PLACE! Please take a step back. Thank you. Too flawless...
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