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Genre: Angst & Spy/Mafia Pairing: Yoongi x reader Warning: may contain swearing and scenes of intimacy.
Your father had called you into his office for some important message. You were slightly worried, had he found out that you killed another of his stupid workers. This time it was one of those less important secretaries. "Yeah boss?" You said as you shut the door behind you. You regularly called your father 'boss' and only called him 'dad' when you either wanted something or you were in trouble. "Ah Y/N, sweetie I need you to sort something out for me!" You sighed with relief, he didn't know. Either that or he did know but just didn't care. "What?" "Some rival organisation is trying to hack us and I want you to take them out" "Like torture them to stop or ki-" "I don't know what yet, anyway, you have to go through training first" Training... You seemed to spend half your time in training that you didn't need. You sighed but in annoyance this time. "Fine!" And with that sassy remark, you left the office. You stormed down the corridor and bumped into a black haired boy. You were about to yell when you realised who it was. Jungkook. He was a good friend of yours, well, with your job you couldn't really trust anyone yet you two seemed to trust each other willingly. "Hey Jeon!" "Hey Lil boss, just talked to the big man?" "Yeah, fucking training again!" "Same. Looks like it's you and me again kiddo!" You chuckled and nodded continuing your original path.
~at training~ You walked into the massive training hall. Different pieces of equipment were scattered in split sections. You headed to your favourite section first, the gun section. You picked up a shot gun and rapidly fired bullets at the outline of a body on a small board. You hit 2 shots in the head, 4 in the arm and 6 in the heart. You weren't a bad shot. "Could've got them all on target right sweetie!" A sarcastic voice made you turn around. Oh, look who it is, the golden boy of the group (not Jungkook), it was Suga. Or as he's mostly known as Min Yoongi. He called you sweetie after he overheard your father calling you that. "It's fine Gigi, next time I'll make sure you're in front on that board!" You snarled. You've never seen eye to eye with Yoongi, or Gigi as you sometimes called him, not properly anyway. You had worked with each other in previous tasks but that was when you were both new to the organisation. For god's sake, you trained together. Was that supposed to make you two close? Guess not in this case.
He sniggered at your comment and took a spare shot gun in his hand. Still looking at you, he fired the gun. "Guess where I hit?" His eye brow raised as he spoke through gritted teeth. A smug look conquered his face. You turned to look at the board, he hit the heart area. Damn it! Why did he have to be such a show off? "I don't need to show off to do the job." You stated bluntly before hitting your shoulder against his as you walked past him. Jungkook was stood by the survival skills section so you went to join him. It would hopefully take your mind off Yoongi. "Min boy annoying you?" He asked. He was amazing at reading your expression. You nodded, "why can't he just... Not be so full of himself" "I don't know, must take years of practise" His comment forced you to smile. Together, you two went through the survival procedures for if you got caught while on a mission. You were to keep your mouth shut as much as you could and trust no one from the opposition. The training section didn't last much longer, you easily went from section to section, completing it with ease.
Yoongi's perspective~ There she was, his main competition, Y/N, the boss' daughter. They had practically the same abilities but he just seemed to be much stronger than she was, both emotionally and physically. There was something about her that made him hate her yet there was something drawing him to her. It was weird. Like an unconventional love hate relationship. He wanted to impress her, show her exactly who the favourite was. So by shooting the body in the heart, he had done just that. He was smug, he couldn't deny it. Except when she walked away, he wanted her to stay. He wanted to tease her more, it excited him. Hoshi walked up to him. "And so you're leaving her alone to train privately huh?" He darted a look at his friend, "Hosh, I can tease the boss' daughter if I want, I'm his fricking favourite after all!" Hoshi rolled his eyes and tapped him on the shoulder, "whatever motivates you"
Your Perspective~ Once the training was over you went to grab a drink and noticed Yoongi coming out of your dad's office. He winked at you, "you turn sweetie, you can hear the good news" And with that, he was off. Good news? The only good news that you could possibly hear from your father at this moment in time is that Yoongi was being transferred far, far away. Yet, that was unlikely, little Gigi was your father's favourite, except you of course. If he wasn't being bias, he would choose Yoongi over you any day. You opened the door to the office, "boss?" You called. "Hey sweetie, Yoongi call you in?" You nodded, wow, he was telling the truth for once. "You already know about the basics of the mission, well you are going to lead a team to uncover as much information as you can in which we will use to shut them down..." There was a pause as you say down on the comfy side sofa. "You will lead the team alongside Yoongi!"
Anger suddenly overcome you. GOOD NEWS? This is what he was flipping talking about? You wanted to scream at him but there was no use, you doubted that your father would change his mind. Instead he calmed your nerves through reassurance, "he's an amazing guy you know Y/N and he has insured me that he will protect you with his life. Here's the list of the rest of your team members" he handed you a sheet of paper and you leaned back into the sofa while reading the names. - Taehyung - Jungkook - Amber - Jackson - Hoshi - Junior It was quite a good team. Amber and Junior were good at infiltration, Jungkook and Jackson were definitely the strongest and Hoshi and Taehyung were good at stealth and playing mind games. You sighed. It was going to be a long mission, you could detect that already.
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