With all the dance training they go through, male idol group members are definitely quite athletic. However, as evident in the annual Idol Star Athletics Championships, there are certain idols who are more athletic than others. And while there have been many fast and strong idol group members, one veteran is clearly above the rest. After looking at old clips, fans discovered just how incredibly quick and agile Shinhwa鈥榮 Junjin is, making him an easy choice for the most athletic idol in the history of K-pop.
He is so much more active than I have been in my entire life time and I'm only 17. Shesh I need to work out more
Minho should be....and MinHyuk does do more than 1 thing....and he's been around a while.
I beg to differ.....BTOB's MinHyuk. He could be an Olympic athlete (and was asked). He is .01 off the world record in the sprints.
@PassTheSuga Always and forever
@JaxomB I know what you mean butt I was just trying to make a simple point that even the older idols are way more hectic then I am right now LOL.
@JaxomB We are talking about how long they have been doing and not just one thing. Because if that was the case SHINEE Minho should apart of it too
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