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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Hoseok x Reader (?)
Length: 1452 words
Summary: In a heartbeat, he became a stranger.
Part: 3/?
I stared at Jimin open-mouthed, trying to process everything he had just told me. “So...let me get this straight”, I spoke up when he had told me everything.
“ no, was- my boyfriend. I caught him cheating and broke up with him. I run out. He chases me. I get hit by a car. I come home, and he’s with the same girl I caught him with?”
Jimin just nodded. “She matches the description of the girl you told me about on the phone before the accident”, he mumbled.
I was...shocked to say the least. How had I fallen for a person like that? He sounded absolutely terrible. But there was still something about him, something I couldn’t put my finger on.
Whenever I heard his name, or envisioned his face. I would feel a sense of warmth and comfort. But almost immediately, my chest would tighten and I felt like bawling my eyes out.
Jimin’s phone had been going off non-stop, and from where I was sat, I could see Hoseok was repeatedly calling him, obviously trying to stop him from telling me everything.
But it was too late. I may not remember Jung Hoseok. But now I knew what he had done. But why?
“But Jimin, I don’t understand. Was I not enough? Was the relationship not working out?”
He sighed for like the hundredth time. “Y/n, you two seemed to be fine until recently. He was staying out late etc, and you were getting worried. And you two were talking less. And it wasn’t your fault at all, this isn’t on you.”
My head hurt so much from all this information. “But, where do I stay? All my things will be at our... his place.”
“You’ll live here”, Jimin announced. “With me. That’s where you were going to go after the break-up.” He took his phone out and showed me the textx exchanged between us to. It was all true, I had told him I was breaking up with Hoseok and coming over to Jimin’s house.
A deep frown settled on Jimin’s face as he continued scrolling through his phone. “Hoseok must have gone to work...he’s stopped trying to call.”
My eyes lit up. I had no intention of seeing such a horrible person again, so I could take this opportunity to retrieve my belongings. “If he’s not home, I can get my stuff Jimin.”
“I’ll go y/n. You've just come out of hospital- you need rest.” I pouted slightly. I knew where all my important things where kept, Jimin would just grab a few things he deemed essential and scram.
“Jimin, I’m fine. Let me go, please. I want to pick out the things I want to bring.” I looked at him expectantly until he caved and nodded in defeat. I smiled in response. “You’re the best Jimin.”
The ride back to Hoseok’s was actually quieter than the ride there. I kept stealing glances at Jimin- his knuckles turning white as he gripped the steering wheel, his lips forming a thin line like they did when he was annoyed, the prominent veins in his temple.
He was still annoyed. From what I gathered, him and Hoseok were really close- as close as me and him were. But then Hoseok started to become a lot more cold and hostile. He started alienating himself from Jimin.
Jimin told me I had never even realised what was happening between the two boys. I must have been blind to have not noticed my boyfriend and best friend fighting.
Jimin pulled up and handed me his copy of my key. I had a spare of his and he had mine, in case of emergencies. I gratefully took it from him and paused before asking “Are you not coming in?”
He shook his head. “Not yet. I’ll drop you off here and drive further up. If I park here, I’ll get a ticket.” We had seen a warden up the road, and I knew from experience that they were relentless. I nodded and swiftly got out. “I’ll see you in a bit.” It was packed out, so he would struggle to find somewhere decent.
I made my way to the door and stopped outside. This was all too familiar. The number of times I had walked in and out of this door...all those tired nights and grumpy mornings- and everything in between.
I’d walk in and go straight to the kitchen, to search for a snack because I would be famished from a long day. Always greeted by “Look who’s here!” I gasped as that memory came out of nowhere.
I would always reply “Your girl, that’s who”, to be met by a laugh. That was beautiful. It always made the long day worth it. I stood there, my hands shaking. My
cheek tickled as a tear rolled down it. I hastily wiped it away. Why did I keep crying?
I shook my head and unlocked the door. It swung open to reveal the exact same scene as earlier, except now, nobody was here. I looked around at what used to be my home, but it no longer looked mine.It felt like I had died and left it like this for the next person, who clearly hadn’t bothered to look after it.
I walked through the living room and into the bedroom. My bedroom. The sheets on the bed were a mess...but now I knew the reason for that. My wardrobe, to my relief was untouched. I slowly started taking the clothes out, one by one. My pyjamas. My shirts. My dresses.
Removing pieces of myself bit my bit. As I went to take the suitcase out from under the bed, my eyes fell on a few framed photos on one side of the bed. It wasn’t the side I usually slept on, so it must have been Hoseok’s side.
My heart wrenched at the biggest photo as I picked it up and scanned it. It was a photo of Hoseok and me, hugging, laughing. We looked like the happiest couple on the planet. What had happened? Why had he thrown this away? Thrown us away.
The tears threatened to spill all over again. There was another photo. Hoseok kissing my cheek while I beamed at the camera. All those times I looked truly happy- and all those times couldn’t remember.
Perhaps it was for the best that I couldn’t remember him. Perhaps this would hurt more if I remembered how I felt for him. And that my feelings were real and his clearly weren’t.
A tear fell straight from my eye and splashed silently onto the photo. I placed it down and told myself to get a grip. I would just do what I needed to do and get out.
The images of me and Hoseok looking so unbelievably happy wouldn’t leave my mind as I packed. I grabbed my charger, hairbrush and anything else Jimin was unlikely to have at his own house.
I looked around my room one last time.This room, I had spent so long over painting and decorating...
“This is taking ages!” I whined, starting the second coat of the silver paint. I loved the colour and it seemed perfect for our room. I dipped the brush in the can a little too harshly, getting paint everywhere.
“Watch it! You’re getting it everywhere!”, a voice behind me complained. I giggled turning around.
“Sorry Hoseokie!”
My eyes went wide as my brain allowed me to remember. I hadn’t decorated this room alone. Hell, as much as I loved the colour, I wasn’t even the one that picked it. It was... “Hoseok”, I whispered out loud, completing my thoughts.
I had to get out. The whole packing process had only taken me ten minutes- I didn’t own much- and now I could head out without Jimin even having to come in. I took a deep breath to recollect myself as I slowly made my way out, my feet dragging across the floor.
I felt exhausted, simply from the amount of strain I was putting on my brain to remember. I wanted to have all those gaps in my memory filled, but I knew it would take time.
As I gripped the handle of the front door, it started to move down without me exerting any force on it. It must have been Jimin, coming in from the other side. I smiled as I got ready to surprise him, and tell him that I was already done.
But my face dropped as the door swung open, and standing on the other side was an unexpected, albeit unwelcome, face.
All I could whisper as I watched his face fall too was, “You.”
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IT'S BEEN SO LONG SINCE YOU MADE ANOTHER CHAPTER OF THIS STORY!!!! 😡😡 And yes everyone, we know it's Hoseok...Damn... 😑😑 Whatever, good work, hate you for this cliffhanger though.....I'mma jump off... 😏😏😂😂
gosh damn cliffhanger, Fuck! Lmfao you're giving me rage tendencies I need more than this OMG I'm dying!!!! But now I'm curious...what was up between Jimin and Hoseok? Did Jimin start falling for her? O.O And the ending man...what's up with that? 😭
omg! 😱😱😱 chapter 4 pls omg the feels the feels man the feels~
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