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Slayyoongi appreciation
Because @slayyoongi deserves appreciation for their fanfictions! PLEEEEEEEEASEE GO FOLLOW AND LIKE ALL OF @slayyoongi 's WORK! SIMPLY AMAZING!!!! 100/100
SHE RUINS MY LIFE WITH HER AMAZING FANFICS! I love them so so much!! @slayyoongi your fanfics give me life! I hope you are sleeping well because every time I write a fanfic I always end up getting no sleep. Please sleep well!
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Yeah I follow every single one well. Keep slaying!
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@babydollbre oh ok. thank you
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you're welcome
10 months ago
is she still on vingle. it wont let me go to her profile?
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she is amazing she breaks my heart consistently but I love her for her fanfics. they're just freaking amazing can't what for her to update the others I'm reading
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