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Thinking..trying to wake up

I was asked if I write any fantasy. Yes and no...I would love to try my hand at it. What I write that way is more about your mind, getting trapped in it. So things like maybe someone with alzheimers or in a comma would experience. I do collect dragon statues, books, etc and this person and I were trying to figure out which idols would make great dragons...besides the obvious GDragon, we thought Ravi - any others?
On a side note: I do have a story that is incomplete that I did for Nanowrimo last year, it's about 30 to 35k words (had to hit 50k to complete) and it is pretty much a Fan Fic but without idols real stage names. It is based loosely off T.O.P. Not sure if it will ever show up here I might just send it to a few who are interested.
I appears to me that my 'non-idol' or 'pick your own' Fan Fic's do the best, lol. I agree, so much more fun to dream of your own man than someone telling you who to think of. However, I love studying certain idols and helping them become an addition to a bias list or a bias wrecker. It worries me when others are doing the same idols at the same time but I just have to remember that my imagination is not theirs and those that love the idols get additional fun to read.
For those that find and read this, your input is very welcome! In order to write to my audience I have to know what they want from me. :)
@pharmgirlerin indeed, very productive meeting. And of course, where was my head, I mean I've thinking DongWoo Oppa a lot lately he's totally dragon.. and yeah Woobin is up there too.
@ElishaFisher You're awesome too. this has been a great inaugural meeting of the fan club. 😉 💜
I keep thinking of more dragons. INFINITE's DongWoo and actor Kim WooBin are totally dragons; a wild type, that is so dragon-like that even in human form they have dragonish facial structure. And all of BTS are, except for JungKook (I know, surprising right?) He's just so talented they let him into their world. Am I thinking about this too much?
@GriseldaZenger Yay. purple is the best, so that makes sense.