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Finally made it through the movie! Yey. So this next part is going to be kinda short but I wanted to add in these few parts. The thoughts been going on in my head for a while.
Oh and I'm sorry if I get the tune stuck in your head! lol you'll understand when you finish.
“Oh hey, check out this arrangement. Sitting in between Jin and Jimin I looked at what each of them were doing. Jin was playing on a DS and Jimin was sitting there staring at me.
Not in a creepy way, just curious.
“Why do you call us by our stage names?” he questioned
“Because like your language if I call you by your names I would probably butcher them and you don’t want that. I don’t want that, that wouldn't be cool of me to do so I’m kinda scared to try calling you your names to your face.” I said my words coming out a mile a minute. It took him a minutes of looking at me before he started talking again.
“Can you speak any language besides english?” Jimin questioned.
“I can” I stated. “I can speak a little bit of german and a little bit of estonian” I told him.
“Why those two?” he questioned confused.
“Well I had a friend who spoke german and she wanted to teach me, and I learned estonian on my own so that I could use it in one of my books” I told him.
“But you don’t speak korean?” he questioned confused.
“Nope. I’ve tried and failed. Just like japanese and russian” I told him. “But I do know how to write it and how to translate” I added.
“That’s good” he said. “You have blue hair” he changed the subject all of a sudden.
“What?” I instantly patted my hair and than looked at the ends. “Oh yea, I do it’s not red anymore” I commented to myself.
“You had red?” he questioned.
“Two days ago” I said. I had changed it to blue the day before we got on the plane.
“I want blue hair” he said all of a sudden. “JIN can I dye my hair blue?” he leaned all the way over me just to poke at Jin.
“No” Jin said still playing his game.
Jimin rested his upper body on my lap so he wasn’t supporting himself on his elbows on my lap but had them placed on the armrest with his head cradled in his hands now.
“Why?” he questioned.
“You just changed it not long ago” Jin said. I was having a hard time not petting Jimin’s head. He just looked so cute.
“Fine, No blue” he whined than looked at me. He stared at me,well more like my hair as if in envy.
“I’m having a hard time not petting you right now” I admitted. Oh me and my inability to keep things in my head. I blushed a deep red.
“Really?” he questioned than stretched himself out. “I’m comfy. I sleep” he proclaimed. His head landed in Jin’s lap and he was stretched over me, his feet the only thing in his own seat.
“This can’t be comfy” I said.
“Little lumpy” he admitted.
“I have balls dude!” Jin said a little too loudly. It got a few people to look at him.
“I meant arm rests” Jimin said. “Your balls are fine” he added.
“Oh god kill me now” I mumbled.
It didn’t take long for Jimin to fall asleep like that. I had my elbows resting on his back as I read my book and listened to music in one ear.
. . . . Over by Trinity.
Kooki took Ari’s seat and moved until he was sitting on his feet.
“So muppets?” Trinity questioned.
“Muppets!” he agreed.
. . . . They made it ten minutes before trinity fell asleep on Kooki’s shoulder.
“What would you do for a klondike bar!” Kooki heard Arianna sing. He wondered who would say that, and why.
“Arianna Melissa Caterack!!!! If you get that stuck in my head I’ll tell you what I’d do To a Klondike bar!” Trinity suprised kooki by speaking. Loudly.
“You're awake?” Kooki questioned.
“Barely” she said groggily as she sat up. “How far into the movie are we?” she questioned.
“Halfway” he said.
“Trin Trin. I’d quack like a duck for a klondike bar!! What would you do?” Arianna called out.
“Oh that girl” trinity growled.
“Quack?” Kooki repeated than nodded.
“I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream!” He called out.
“I want popcorn!” Suga called out next.
“Snackage!” Jimin said.
“When do we eat?” Jin questioned.
So I hope pictures will make you not hate me. Lol
And as you see, yes Ari sang the klondike tune which gets permanently stuck in your head.
If you want to be added let me know and I'll update the list, prolly in each update, maybe add to earlier updates if I'm editing story to fix grammer. 'SMILES'
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