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Promotions are handed out daily or weekly with some kind of new discount or update which floods you inbox, but it's rare to see an intriguing one with a sense of humor.
The assholes of Cards Against Humanity, based in Chicago, have not only released an address to all of their subscribers about the possible rise of Donald Trump if he becomes president, but also a special limited edition promotion on their website, and as a fan of their work I had to share this.
Here's the Foreword I got from my email:
"My Fellow Americans,
We're emailing you from the underground bunker we've built for when Donald Trump seizes control of our country and civilization collapses.
In President Trump's America, you and your family will wander desolate highways, taking shelter in burnt-out automobiles as you try to escape the Red Dust that carpets the landscape. You will exist in a constant state of fear. You will wish you had the tools to start fires in the terrifying night, the means to defend yourself from the ever-circling jackals, and the currency to buy protection from the roving gangs that thrive in the shadow of Eternal Leader Trump’s regime.
Are you afraid enough to buy whatever we’re selling?
Today, Cards Against Humanity is releasing a limited-edition Donald Trump Bug-Out Bag, a pre-packed duffle bag with over a dozen items to help you survive the apocalypse that will certainly transpire when Donald Trump becomes president, including a gas mask, seed packets, unmarked currency from four Latin American countries, and 25 new Cards Against Humanity cards.
May the odds be ever in your favor,
- Cards Against Humanity"
I've checked out the website and it is filled with hilarious goodies. You may think the name Cards Against Humanity maybe a bad company for our nation with dark and dirty playing cards not worthy of America, but when we're in desperate times like where we are now, it's good to have a laugh.
What do you guys think?
UPDATE: All bags are sold out. Sad. Our fellow Americans who bought the bags will at least have the courage to keep the rebellion alive.
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This is so hilarious. I love CAH, but I read an op-ed piece written by one of the creators' ex-girlfriends, and oh boy are they real jerks.