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Hey~ I've been stuck at home sick, and I've had very little to do, so I thought 'heyyy let me write a fan fiction!' And thus this chapter was born!!! This is my fist attempt at writing a fan fiction, so please tell me what you think. Also let me know if you would like me to continue with it!
Disclaimer: This story does contain some mature themes so please read at your own risk. Thank you <3 ~
A big fat red F.
That's what I found at the top of my exam paper.
My eyes widened in shock as I processed the failing grade. Out of instinct I turned the exam over with the grade facing down, so as to make sure no one around me saw my grade.
I covered my face with my hands and deeply sighed. This has been my 3rd failed math test in a row, and to make matters worse the end of the school year was nearing.
The bell rang signaling the end of class. Students around me started to pack up their things and leave the classroom. I hurriedly packed my things and followed the crowd of students out of the room. I walked down the hallway and stopped at my locker to grab the books I needed before I went home.
My phone buzzed in my pocket. I swiftly took it out of my pocket, only to see a message from my father telling me to come visit him after school. I grimaced at the message. After my dad divorced my mother, our relationship has never been the same. Yet he always insists I come see him when I have time.
But why would I want to see the man that cheated on my mother and ruined our perfectly normal family?
Okay. Be there in 25 mins. I replied.
I put my phone back into my pocket and closed my locker, leaving the school building. No matter how much my conscious was telling me it wasn't a good idea, my father was still family and I refused to stoop down to his level by acting like a bitch.
I walked down the sidewalk until I arrived to my house. I opened the door, not finding it strange how it was clearly unlocked, and slipped off my shoes. I looked into the living room, to see the dark silhouette of my mother's sleeping body on the couch.
I walked over and crouched down next to her to see her tear stained face. I wiped away the tear streaks with my finger and covered her with a blanket from my room. I gave her a kiss on the forehead before standing up, to see her smile unconsciously in her deep slumber.
It's okay mom, I've got you.
I quickly left my book bag in my room, and put my wallet and keys in my pocket before leaving the house. The last thing I wanted to do was go visit my father, but I had already told him I would, so I took the bus to his apartment in the next town.
I watched through the window as we passed by buildings until I got off at my designated stop. I breathed deeply looking at the building that my dad lived in with his girlfriend. I pressed the buzzer on the wall with his room number.
"Hey, it's me. I'm here." I muttered softly through the speaker.
"Oh come on in! I'm so glad you came." my father answered as he buzzed me in. I opened the door to the building and commenced to walk up the stairs to his apartment.
I knocked tentatively on the door. Lucky me I was greeted by my father's girlfriend. She looked at me and plastered on a very fake smile.
"Y/n! It's so great to see you. Honey! Y/n is here!" she exclaimed to my dad.
She stepped to the side and I walked into the dreaded room. She closed the door behind me. My dad, who was sitting on the couch got up from his seat and gave me a hug. I returned his hug, but not as affectionately.
"How was school?"he asked, trying to make small talk.
"It was okay." I answered simplistically. I made it evident that the small talk wasn't working. Something in my gut told me there was a bigger reason as to why he texted me to come visit him.
"Dad, why did you ask me to come here?"
"What do you mean? Is it so wrong for me to want to see my daughter?" he questioned. From the corner of my eye I saw my dad's girlfriend grimace at the word 'daughter'.
"It was my idea. We were just about to have dinner. Would you like to join us?" she asked.
I really did not want to but the way my dad looked at me told me that he wanted me to stay. I inwardly sighed and nodded with a fake smile.
"Great! Honey, do you mind setting up the table?" she asked my dad. "Y/n and I will finish cooking in the kitchen."
I walked hesitantly behind her into the kitchen. She still had that damned smile on her face.
"Y/n, do you mind putting the dirty dishes into the sink? I'll wash them later."
"Okay." I answered tentatively and started to put the dishes into the sink.
The next thing I know, boiling water is splashed on my hand and wrist and I'm met with a searing pain. I hissed at I jumped back from the sink and looked at her. She was holding, a now empty pan, which I assumed was filled with boiling water.
"Oh my god, Y/n, I am so sorry!" she said with fake shock, but to my surprise, was smiling wickedly.
"What the hell is wrong with you!"
My dad came running into the kitchen to assess what had happened. But instead of running over to me to make sure I was okay, he went over to his girlfriend and checked to see if she was unharmed.
"What happened here?" he asked.
"Your damned girlfriend burned me! She poured boiling hot water on my arm!" I yelled, holding my hand out.
"I'm sure it was a mistake, she would never-"
"Seriously?! I'm telling you what she did and your just going to dismiss it as if it were nothing?!"
"Y/n you're overreacting. It was an accident, right sweetheart?" he looked over at his girlfriend who was clearly faking guilt.
"Oh my yes, I am so sorry, here y/n, let me get you some bandages and-"
"Save it. I'm leaving. It's clear that you don't want me here." I said as I held my arm with my other hand, heading for the door.
"Y/n wait! It was an accident!" he reached out for me, and in the midst of his urgency to get me to stay, he pulled at my burning arm. I yelled and pulled my arm away.
"Don't touch me!"
My dad clearly got the hint as he backed away, head down. I walked towards the door and when I was closing the door, I saw my dad being comforted by his girlfriend, yet she looked towards me, with a wicked smile and glare.
I ran out of the building, needing to get out of that situation. It wasn't until I was outside that I felt the tears rushing down my face. I walked down the side walk, not knowing where I was going, but at the same time not caring where I went. The bus had already left a few minutes ago, so it would be a while before the next bus came around.
I silently walked down the empty streets, noticing how dark it had gotten. As I was walking I felt a drop of water fall down my face. I thought it was my tears until I felt multiple hit the top of my head. I realized it had started to rain. Just my luck. I quickly rushed to the nearest edge of a building, trying my best to keep cover. Tears still streamed down my face, as I slowly slid down the wall and sat on the cement floor.
With my head hung down, I quietly wished that for once, something go right with my life. But as soon as I found myself thinking about something like that, I switched my thoughts back to reality, thinking that something like that was way too good to be true.
At that moment, I felt a tentative tap on my shoulder. I turned around to meet dark eyes and a worried face.
"Excuse me miss, are you alright?"
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