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need a cook?
she can cook for me any day xD
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@SimplyAwkward ....of the LEGAL female type...just so everyone knows...I feel normal here in this I really don't fit in with my peer my entire generation seems to have caught the stupid virus. so thanks @SimplyAwkward馃槣 @AwsomeCarp 馃槃@AshChrimson馃槉 thank you for reassuring me that I have not lost my marbles. @arnelli idk...lost on the ice cream...or maybe I'm not... awkward moment...^insert long silence. ...驴what to say隆驴
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well, I killed this one...馃様
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@alucard9768 you're welcome nakama
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@SimplyAwkward I WILL NEVER BETRAY MY NAKAMA!! only. know... without all the rage 馃槅
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I accept her as my chef
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