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Well I always heard so many good things about Aloe Vera. & since I grow it and have been breaking out so much lately, I decided to try it. Not only has it helped with my sun burned cheeks but breakouts as well. see for yourself.
BEFORE . . .
& AFTER. Have you all tried this method? @jordanhamilton @tessStevens @marshalledgar @hikaymm
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yes it works so well for sunburns i used to have to take doxycycline for acne, and it made my skin burn so bad if i was out in the sun, i could literally feel the sun burning my skin and even after i got home it hurt my skin when i breathed and i couldnt even sleep at night. aloe vera helped a lot with taking most of the pain away.
Nice tip!! I've been meaning to buy a new aloe plant for so long but haven't haha. I would love to try this on my most current break out, lol!
@racheltucker its definitely a healer. So glad you're okay now!
@hikaymm Yes do it. theyre great plants because they dont need too much care.
Funny.. My dad bought that exact brand from the picture from a Korean festival my family and I always go to.. I never used it though.. I was like.. Screw cosmetics. I'm a proud pimple-faced Korean >:3