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The Lord... which had appeared unto him twice. Old Mathew Henry says: “God keeps account of the gracious visits He makes us, whether we do or no; knows how often He has appeared to us and for us, and will remember it against us, if we turn from Him.” The more we know of God, and the greater the favor He shows us, the sorer is our sin if we forsake Him and go back to sin. When Solomon had seen The Lord in vision, not once only, but twice, he should have been forever a man consecrated to God. The eyes that had looked upon The Lord should never have lusted after earth’s pleasures. The hands that had fashioned a glorious temple for God never should have built altars for heathen deities. Solomon’s sins were far greater because of the favors God had granted him. Have we seen Christ? Has He appeared to us in prayer, or at the holy table? Let us not forget that having seen Christ should set us apart forever for His service and for holy living.