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Written by Erin Nicole. Starring: Y/N, Kim Namjoon. Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Teen romance. (Warning) mild language.

If you haven't read the previous chapters, you might want to read them first before you read this one.

Chapter 4: Our unknown past.

As Namjoon grabs my hand, he leads me out the back door of the building. He walks me to his car and opens the passenger door for me. Namjoon Walks around the Car and gets into the drivers seat. I watch him while I'm in shock as he returns to normal. His fangs disappear, his eyes turn back to their natural color. "WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED? HOW DID YOU JUST DO THAT? AND WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME!? I ask while Freaking out. "Relax, I'm about to answer all of your questions." Replied Namjoon as he paused. "I'm a Failed Science Experiment." He said as he begins to tell his long tale."Ten years ago, a Scientist called Dr. Park had created a Drug that was supposed to give people The ability of Super vision, but it was a drug that would only work if given to children because the Drug wouldn't take effect overnight. It needed time to develop as the child grew older." He explained. "Dr. park had invented this Special Drug that contained the DNA of animals with the best vision." Explained Namjoon. "I was one of 8 test subjects." He said. "My Childhood best friend and I were both Test subjects." He continued. "When the experiment went wrong that's when things took a turn for the worst." He said. "We had to learn to control our anger because if we get angry, that's when we turn into monsters. We can't control what we say or what we do when we get to that point." He continued to explain. "The pill they gave to us contained the DNA of a Wolf and an Eagle." He told me. The pill started taking effect on one of the other test subjects named Yoongi. It made him upset as all the Scientists Surrounded him, I hear Yoongi Screaming and Crying for his family as they held him down." Namjoon Explained. "And then I hear him Start Growling. I look over at him, and he starts Foaming at the mouth and I watch as he starts Growing fangs." Namjoon told me. "There are 3 levels of this transformation."he said. "Level 1 is what you saw tonight. Level 2 is Doing the Unpredictable. We can't Control ourselves, and the monster inside of us Takes over our bodies." He Continued. "What about level 3?" I asked. "No one knows. Nobody has ever reached level 3 before. Something seriously traumatic has to happen in order to reach level 3" He said. "But once somebody hits Level 3, there's No return." He continued. The monster inside takes full control, and there's no going back from then on." He said. "I Helped my Friend escape from the asylum they had us locked in." He Told me. We both got away and Ran together. Word got out that one of us had escaped, and they start searching for us." He explained. "As I hear people coming. I Told my Friend to Run and Never look back. She ran away as fast as she could, and hid behind a bush when they approached. they Captured me thinking I was the only one that got away." Said Namjoon. I Look to see my Friend Crying as she's watching me being taken away." He Continued. "A couple years later, the rest of us all managed to escape, and we then went into hiding under an Old Condemned Building." He said. "Everyday I went searching for my friend to make sure she was okay." He said. "When I finally found her, she didn't Remember me. The Experience was so traumatic for her, that she developed Amnesia." He continued. "But even though she couldn't Remember me, I still watched her from a distance to make sure she Was going to be okay." Said Namjoon. "I wanted to keep her safe, and from harm, and I always tried to keep her from getting angry so that she would never have to face the kind of life that we had to live. I was her Guardian angel. " He said. "What ever happened to her?" I Asked him. Namjoon sighs, and then takes a pause, and he looks over at me. "The girl...was you." Said Namjoon. "What!?" I asked him with Shock. "I have been watching over you for ten years, going behind your back to deal with the ones who have done you wrong." He continued to explain. "I Started attending the school to protect you from what was to come." He said. "What was to come?" I asked. "Rachel is Dr. park's Daughter."he explained. "She Did everything she could to make you angry so she could prove that you were one of us. That's why she framed you, and That's why she sabotaged your night." He told me. "Rachel had already set up the trap the previous night, ready for you to walk up on stage. "I slashed the tires on her car so she wouldn't be there." He said. " That's when she paid someone to do it for her so it would expose you to the whole crowd." "But what about you?" I asked him."You just exposed your secret to to everyone." I continued. "Don't worry about me." He said. "The only thing that matters now is getting you away from Rachel before she exposes you." Said Namjoon as he pulls up to an old abandoned building. "We're here." He said as he gets out of the car.
Here's an Update. I'm currently working on writing Chapter 5 of this story, but I won't get to post it until after this weekend because I'll be very busy this weekend. Please don't worry though, Chapter 5 is Coming very soon. 馃馃挅
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