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So this woman is not quite a idol but she is a singer. Her name is Choi Jung-in. She debuted in Leessang's song rush in 2002. She was once part of the five-member group G.Fla until disbanding after three years. Now she does her own music and sings with Kang Gary and Gil from Leessang. She mostly does ballads and has slow songs but some of the songs she does with leessang are fast.


She was born December 7, 1980. In 2013 she married another singer named Jo Jung-chi. She has said that here favorite type of music is R&B.
UUU-Jungin Your Scent- Kang Gary and Jungin I Hate You-Jungin Autumn Guy-Jungin Rush-Leessang and Jungin
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Spica is an underrated group too