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I REALLY want to re watch all of the 2011 version of Hunter x Hunter. I fell in love with this anime and the manga that went right along with it. I've never seen the (I believe) 1999 version though and feel as though I should watch it as well. I've seen bits and pieces just not the whole story line.. The ending to the anime though made me so mad that I told myself I'd never re watch it. But everything leading up to the ending is so amazingly good and plays with your emotions a LOT! I think I cried more in this anime than any other, (except maybe One Piece). Yoshihiro Togashi just last month re started the manga after almost a 2 year long hiatus and I am extremely excited to start reading it again, hoping it'll justify the ending of the anime. Are you excited that they finally brought the manga back??!! Do you think they will re release the anime again as well?!