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Let's take a moment to pray for all the Jin biased ARMYs out there BECAUSE T H I S M A N RIGHT HERE
I didn't sign up for this much stress over a HAIR COLOR BUT HERE I AM CRYING. Smash that MF like button if you miss goldilocks Jin.
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@xojuliettexox Its a good thing for you as well. Thank you for the compliment though
What's so bad about him going back to brown? He looks good in any color, and personally, I don't care what color his hair is. His personality is and should be the only thing that matters along with his talents and who he is not his hair color. Why make it seem like it's a bad thing? 'Pray for all the Jin stans'? I'm happy as long as he's happy. It didn't take his hair to be my UB, so it won't take a change of hair color to make me all flipping sad.
I like him better with dark hair. Blond washes him out too much.
I loved the blonde but I'm glad he's back to brown. I just couldn't keep up. He was coming for me too fast and I wasn't ready. This is safe, he can be in his lane and I'll be in mine 馃槀鉂わ笍馃憤
@michellelbarra Ah no!! I didn't mean it like that. I agree he looks good with any color. I just meant to pray for us because we're going to go into cardiac arrest because he's so handsome.