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CAN WE JUST PLEASE TALK ABOUT HER SONG FIRST? I personally love it a lot! She's honestly so inspirational to me. Her music which was written by her is amazing! Holds deep meaning. I love Amber a lot! Not only is this song amazing but so is borders. I love the fact that she actually made an English version for this song. It's so hard explaining what I'm feeling about the song but I did my best :) much love Amber! ♡♡♡
NOW LETS TALK ABOUT HOW BREATH TAKING SHE LOOKS! Gorgeous oml I promise you I'm not Fangirling!!
Also the fact that it went from black and white to non black and white. It got to me. I'm most likely not the only person who actually felt something about the change. Overall the song was beautiful she is beautiful everything about the video and song I took it to heart. Maybe this is what Amber wanted us to feel. That's just my opinion :)
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yeees I agree!!! <3 I love it!! She so amazing!!