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I like to spam @Helixx rather often with our favourite man. He just keeps poping up all handsome and adorable at THE DAMN SAME TIME! (I know Jimin is her man, but Namjoon was first)
Here we have Joonie trying to touch his toes. Notice those long legs, and those shoes. SHINee shoes If i didn't know any better i would say those are girl legs. It's ok Joonie, I still love you.
Here is Duckie Joonie. So adorable, omg so kawaii! Notice that his right shoe is untied as well. Look out folks it's a new fashion trend.
Let us admire his cheekyness from time to time. Jin is looking at him like he is crazy. Yes Jin, we know.
But how does he go from this to this? Gah Namjoon you are beautiful. I can not wait to see you in July. I really can't.
Thank you for letting me spam you with Namjoon feels.
Jimin may have swapped spots with Joon Bug, but you know I still love him. How could I not? His smile still kills, but he needs to tie his shoe before he trips and gets hurt.
That's why Mama Jin will do it for him.
@Helixx we both knoe that he is the clumsy one. Tying shoes is too much of a hassel, he might break the string